Sponsors Harris Reeds London Fashion Week Show For Second Season Running

For the second season running, Lexus has continued its association with acclaimed fashion designer Harris Reed as a sponsor of his London Fashion Week show held on 13 September. An all-new Lexus RZ battery electric SUV took Harris and some of his crucial collection items to the show in elegance and comfort and with zero tailpipe emissions. The car was also used to chauffeur singer Jacob Lusk and actor Maisie Williams to and from the event.

Duality has always been a theme in Reed’s work, combining masculine and feminine and the different facets that make up our whole being. In this new collection, Duet, the structure and rigidity associated with the masculine are employed to create sculptural pieces that appear contrastingly feminine and fluid in their flowing shapes and the curves they expose.

The British-American designer fights for the beauty of fluidity and creates conversation through his designs. Growing up with a strong sense of self, Reed quickly understood the transformative power of clothing and its correlation with identity and liberation. Reed’s design process takes inspiration from the current social and political issues he feels most connected to. His work is built from assessing the responsibility fashion has to spark conversation about the injustices happening within society today while staying true to the brand’s ethos that strives for a vision of gender fluidity and inclusivity. 

The overall DNA of the Harris Reed brand and personal identity is best described as Romanticism Gone Nonbinary. It puts the wearer and their fluidity, in whatever way it manifests, front and centre. Personally, Reed dresses themselves to invite the looks and stares, to blur the preconceived fault lines people have about gender and sexuality. For Reed, fashion is truly revolutionary and has a massive role in pushing the world to a more expressive and accepting place – using his platforms to share personal visionary values to help those seeking acceptance and self-love. He is also well known for being an innovative key figure among young creatives, whose work marries genres from fashion, film, beauty, culture and the digital world through a gender-fluid lens.

Lexus and Reed share a passion for thought-provoking design and the highest quality of craftsmanship. The designer commented: Im extraordinarily honoured and privileged to continue my partnership with the iconic Lexus brand. I could not imagine someone who cares more about detail, innovation, and beauty but also about being bold and pushing the envelope. Im so honoured to be exploring a bold ethos together. As a designer, Im constantly impressed and challenged by the materials Lexus chooses, the constant innovation and its constant emphasis on sustainability and inclusiveness.”

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