Artist and mental health campaigner Daniela Raytchev will exhibit her artworks about rape and sexual abuse at the Start Art Fair at Saatchi Gallery from the 21st-25th October 2020.

Dismantling the truths about stranger danger, ’Are We Human or Are We Spam’, the project that initially started during Raytchev’s artist residency in New York, consists of series of paintings, sculptures, and sound installations. The artworks are based around her conversations with survivors of sexual abuse.

The artworks confront the aftermaths and recovery, instead of recreating the acts of violence itself.

In Raytchev’s own words: “This project addresses complex issues surrounding the rape culture and it’s suppressed , sometimes even incoherent truths. There is no ‘typical’ victim or ‘standard’ response scenario.”

“..and it’s only really recently, where we understand that it was a rape. Because of this whole conditioning thing where you think that is has to be really violent, when actually, the first time I can think of when it happened, I literally thought I should feel fine about it. Because I was passed out drunk and this person I didn’t know at the party, had sex with me. “ K., participant in the project

The artworks reference interviews with the participants, artist’s personal experience and transcripts of the rape trial of feminist Italian Baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi.

“The project is very personal to me, being a survivor myself. Being honest about the situation is the first step towards any change. Art can facilitate this conversation.” D.Raytchev

Start Art Fair – START is one of London’s most anticipated annual contemporary art fairs. The fair showcases local London galleries as well as international galleries and individual contemporary artists from all over the world. Collectors, enthusiasts and critics attend START, housed in the iconic Saatchi Gallery to buy the best contemporary art and to discover emerging contemporary artists. To  complement the exhibitors START presents a series of must-see curated Projects and a calendar of daily special events.

Leading contemporary artists appearing at START 2020 will include Lincoln Townley, Erika Navas and Nat Bowen while our top galleries include Illuminati Neon, The Gallery STEINER and Thomas Spencer Fine Art.

START will actively implement social distancing as well as a full range of sanitary protection measures that will be put into place. All measures at START Art Fair will reinforce the safety of exhibitors, visitors and service providers in strict compliance with the instructions of the British authorities. They are dedicated to working to ensure the best exhibition conditions for gallerists, staff and visitors.

Exhibition Location: Saatchi Gallery, Duke of York’s HQ, King’s Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 4RY

Tickets and information:

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