Rebellion and elegance, or better still rebellion though elegance, is the pillar upon which Redemption has been built. Revolt and refinement define the language of the brand, which creative director Bebe Moratti , season after season, evolves following a personal drum, oblivious of fickle vogues, endlessly pushed forward by rock ‘n roll’s stance for posi ve change. Standing for the good, at Redemption, is a mission: one that extends from paying fair wages to a sustainable approach to clothes-making. Everything comes together, in the name of rebellion.

Music, intended not just as an art, but as a way of being and behaving that reverberates on what one listens to and wears, is also, of course, a source of esthetic inspiration for Moratti, who has explored various rock subcultures across the years. Feeling as political enraged as ever, yet wanting to offer a joyous, positive take on rebellion, Mora found in chance a wonderful ally. This year, in fact, marks the fiftieth anniversary of Woodstock, the era defining music gathering which happened in august 1969 and marked an epochal moment of shared energy, love, enthusiasm, freedom and unwavering hope for the future.

The lightness, freewheeling eclecticism and the sophisticated nonchalance of musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell, Stevie, Nicks reverberates through the collection: as a palpable echo, never as a literal reference. The spirit of Woodstock is interpreted in the unmistakable Redemption way in silhouettes that are light and soft . Even tailoring, a Redemption must, gets so, touching the body with delicate assertiveness, while dresses are draped in seduc tive ways. Truthful to 1969 eclecticism, the mix of fabrics, prints and decorations is wide ranging, as denim, white denim and military drill are juxtaposed with silk georgette, satin, creponne and shiny embroideries with flower or butterfly prints. An ongoing commitment for Redemption on its environmental responsibility, as shown in the use of upcycled or recycled denim, vegan leather, recycled paper for the packaging. Just as the lines get lighter and airier, so the palette takes a cosmetic turn, away from black, which keeps its classic status, to embrace notes of nude, blush, beige, white and delicate pastels.

The Redemption woman finds a new, ethereal self, heralding the unquestionable strength in delicacy.

Creative Director, Mr.Gabriele Moratti,


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