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London Fashion Week Digital Presentation – “HER”

“When I close my eyes, I then can see…some…things. They called me witch.”

“They thus tattooed a spectre inside my eyelid, in the hope that I would refrain from closing my eyes ever again.”

“So What do you see now?”

The girl suddenly got up, grinning. the eyes remaining shut, she started dancing.

Just then, a spectre appeared, in the corner of the room. And that’s how we were taken into her world. 

“Witch” -Edward Tseng

Jamie Wei Huang First Digital film “ HER” – produced by JAMIE WEI HUANG present at London Fashion Week 2020 Sep.

The collection was based on a novelette “ Witch” by director Edward Tseng, and transferred into a visual digital presentation, crossover with the technology and artistry in computer graphics to reinterpret the way of presenting a collection.

Jamie Wei Huang Collection -“HER” is about the reinterpret the whole new ideology formed by the separation and union of one as well as obedience and oppression in one’s subconscious mind during the process of survival, using the logic of surrealism and the materials with hints of impressionism.

Art Direct : Jamie Wei Huang  Director Ed yenhan DOP Shihjiren CG Artist :Wei_k3  raywu_designComposer:Lujiachi Compositor :Heqian Chen Producer: Linda Lin Assistant to Producer:Hu JiahuaAssistant to Director:Ting Chu 1st Assistant Camera:HUANG,XIN-WEN 2nd Assistant Camera:HU,JIN-WEIGaffer: Hsu,Chun-Chuan Best Boy:Right Wang Lo Wei Set Decorator:Dylan Liu Assistant to Set Director:Buttercup Liao Equipment : HowHowPhoto Lead Hair: Miley Shen   / Consult  By Chiao Chenet  MUA: Wini PR: Betty Chen

Model: Wu Yisyuan  LSIMGMT: CunHui Yo Yu Wang Yen Tsai  ChiYing Tang Lo Wen:Yu Sing I

Photographer:  Manbo Key Ear Piece : Jamie Wei Huang by Fang.

JWH Team : Jessie  Hao, Jean  Shen, Shu-Chuan, Chang, Jolin  Wu


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