Introduces Its SS24 Collection at Los Angeles Fashion Week

Bulgarian high-end casual couture brand Demobaza dazzles the masses with its distinctive minimalistic and futuristic looks expressed through deconstructed silhouettes built from raw, detailed elements. It ventures beyond fashion to create a new dimension of galactic transition, soul enlightenment and human consciousness evolution. Its deep connection to nature, the universe, the inner world, and God’s creations brings transformation, awareness and awakening of our higher purpose. 

Their mesmerising AW23 collection, ‘The Source’, inspired by the vision of a futuristic mountain monk gazing at the sun through the stillness of the winter and cultivating its energy, demonstrates an ultra-modern story. In this offering, an inevitable force invisibly connects all sentient beings to The Source, orchestrating the entire universe into a celestial symphony. “It goes across all different roots of human connection to divinity as one common thread linking us to the light of a great mystery.”

Whilst humanity navigates the earthly experience without a written manual, the sun is the higher energy force that feeds our sourced intuition and becomes a whispering guide once listened to. The essence of this collective hope serves as the brand’s inspiration, reminding them, “While our prayers may differ, we are all not just directly connected to The Source, but a pulsing particle of The Source itself.”

The collection featured an array of textures, including super-soft melange knitwear, fine knitted vintage-washed viscose, dyed winter fleece and padded elastic denim. With each piece crafted from premium natural materials, notable apparel included the Hood Life Code, a heavy knitted asymmetric hood shawl, Overcoat Zazen, an asymmetric eco-leather hooded multi reshapable overcoat and Jacket Wrap Source, a long asymmetric padded Mac with high collar, buttons and zipped pockets. 

For SS24, Demobaza immersed its audience in a nomadic rebel experience at Los Angeles Fashion Week. The new collection, comprising menswear and womenswear, is designed in earth tones and organically dyed denim, soft cotton, linen knitwear, delicate knits and jerseys. Its inspiration stems from the essence of nature and the carefree spirit present in humanity and the wild, referencing styles, colours and details reflecting the raw energy of nature in its most primal state. Here, unconventional garments encompass rogue shapes and deconstructed figures reminiscent of survivalist garb.

The looks take on futuristic tribal silhouettes in hues of beige, black, earth grey, light green, brown, rusty and blue with pops of red, purple and pink. Dress Wind is an asymmetric long dress with an open neck in organic jersey cotton with a vintage-washed effect. At the same time, Robe Avatar is a reconstructed heavy-knitted robe with denim elements. In highly detailed asymmetric elastic denim, the Vest Rebel hooded jacket features a high collar, short sleeves and zipped pockets.

 For men, apparel includes the asymmetric Top No Sleeve Cosmic hooded top in organic cotton jersey with a vintage-washed effect, and the organic Ninja Top Skywalker jersey top with removable hood paints a warrior figure. Data Suit in multicolour elastic denim hooded overall has a high collar, middle sleeves and zipped pockets. Look like a ultra-modern warrior with the asymmetric mesh Pullover Inner or stylish with the elastomeric Top Skin Cover with a vintage-washed look.

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