Tremblez bourgeois is spelt in bold red spray paint on a pristine Parisian wall.

Will the bourgeois indeed tremble? Its difficult to say, but the image tells of the city’s unique energy: one that luxuriates in true multiculturalism and electric contrasts over a solid mantle of classicism of the bourgeoisie if you wish.

Philippe Model Paris starts anew today under the creative vision of Tuomas Merikoski, who is Finnish but was adopted by Paris long ago as part of the global creative community that makes the city possibly more varied and pulsating. The same energy Tuomas is injecting into Philippe Model Paris.

Being a founding value for the brand, Paris is the beating heart of this new interpretation of the Philippe Model ethos. An openly inclusive Paris filled with artists, breakdancers, skaters and classy passersby. The way they dress and the pieces they wear express their personality and the language they speak.

It features a postmodern take on classicism, with bold new Big MODEL sneakers to match. Tailoring, shirting, and knitwear unite mens and womenswear in a gender Full Vision. Seemingly ordinary in shape, the items are exaggerated and bold in volume, surfaces, and finishes. A taste for imperfection and some dirt treatments add a zest to life. Materials are precious, but they are not treated in a precious way.

The expression is urban, unfazed, direct, and undiluted, with a tongue-in-cheek twist. The word model recurs in bold capitals as a statement with a lightness of spirit.

Far from being formulaic, the new identity is playful, energetic, and accessible. The collection offers everyone the words and instruments to speak their language and express their unique personality.

 Tremblez bourgeois!


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