Petja Zorec Spring/Summer 2021 is a mirroring of the current zeitgeist, a response to the situations that arose in 2020. Development of the collection began just before the outbreak of the corona virus and upon the simultaneous return from a monthly trip to various locations in India.

The resulting collection is a reflection of the inaccessibility of new fabrics parallel to the exploration of the stock of materials that were available in the studio. It is a reflection of the cessation of social life, social norms and the possibility of processing impressions from textile-rich and eclectic India. SS21 is all about combining the incompatible into sensual pieces of clothing, full of detail and twists, forming a RTW collection of contrasting print,athletic materials and formal silhouettes with an avant-garde touch, an effortless shiftback and forth between work and play.

Known for fusing contradictions, Petja Zorec is a menswear brand from Slovenia, striving to meet the demands of everyday life while bending binary conventions and preconceived ideas. After graduating from the University Of Ljubljana, Zorec herself launched the brand in 2014, which has since become an internationally recognised name.

She is critical of details over silhouettes and celebrates the design concepts inspired by the life situation she finds herself in at the time.

This season Petja Zorec presents the SS21 collection as part of Ljubljana Fashion Week.

The showcase consists of 3 different acts in collaboration with Slovenian artists, who have interpreted this new collection through their specialist media:

LJFW runway show – PLAYGROUND

VAZZ musician video – PLAYBOY

Photography exhibition by Mateja Duljak – STOP

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