Saturday, June 8th, 3pm
BFC Showspace / Truman Brewery

HLA x AEX by JD.com, INC would like to present the artistry of ‘Made in China’ for their SS20 collection. JD.com is China’s leading retail platform and supports outstanding clothing brands and HLA x AEX has the potential to stand out in the international fashion stage.

This collection intends to be known for their high quality of materials and workmanship, from the skin-friendly 15-micron ultra-fine cashmere to high-quality Hungarian goose feather, the garments entail ergonomic details and antibacterial technology. HLA x AEX utilise a large amount of chemical fibers to make suiting, overcoats, denim and polo shirts which imitate the texture of natural fibers creating a fine touch and the pride of the Chinese garment industry.

HLA x AEX were inspired by ancient Chinese copper coins. Round shaped on the outside but square on the inside, these coins signify affluence. HLA x AEX have incorporated this into their collection by integrating characteristics of a diverse nature and offer a sense of adaptability. The coins have also been infused on to suiting to combine together Eastern and Western aesthetics. HLA x AEX by JD.COM, INC are excited to unite together to give a voice to Chinese clothing brands on the global fashion stage.

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