Does the name Inspector Jacques Clouseau ring any bells? With his giant pink paws, magnifying glass in hand and that fluffy tail. “Dial P for Pink”- Pink Panther that is. Mimi Wade’s AW/17 collection draws inspiration from a childhood favourite, and to her surprise, this lead her to the redesign of her previous school uniform.

“At school, the uniforms were so ugly that everyone would put their dark green skirts on a boil wash in the machine 20 times over so they would become a more attractive pale, blue-y turquoise.”

On the whole the collection is pink, but you can see snippets of this blue throughout the collection along with bursts of brown and pistachio green. Wade marries these hues with iconic cartoons that were ingrained since she was a little girl. The comical stills are woven and her AW/17 title ‘Dial M for Mimi’ is printed on heat transfers- a collaboration with the talented Avery Dennison.

Wade creates a sense of volume with her adorned necklines paired with tailored corduroy jackets.  This makes her one of the first London based designers to introduce corduroy to their AW/17 collection. Speaking about  introductions, this collection is one of the first of Wade’s to have knitwear. Tight fitting and cloud-like mohair knits are worn with three-dimensional paws- once again making reference to her all-time favourite top cat- The Pink Panther. Lace peeping out from the sleeves, frills on necklines and accessaries are essential characteristics providing each outfit with a sense of playful unity. You can’t help to think WHAT FUN!








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