We All Feel The Same

Player of football, but more importantly a player of the acoustic guitar, Glenn Smyth releases his new EP last month. Smyth has been playing and writing music since the age of 13. He was also part of  two Birmingham bands: Escobar and Evil Alien, both bands developed a large following.

Universal Publishing Production Music (UPPM), one of the world’s leading production music company, has teamed up with  Smyth to release a three track EP, entitled ‘We All Feel The Same.” Smyth’s  EP is upbeat, possesses some classic moments of rock and of course swagger in the right places. If acoustic chords layered with different sounds and textures is what you like to hear, then Smyth’s EP will be right up your street. There’s rumour of a full album coming out in October/November later this year.  Looking forward to hearing more, we will keep you posted!



‘We All Feel The Same’. Glenn’s EP is now available on UPPM for licensing, iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music

Universal Publishing Production Music (UPPM)



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