Winner of the London fashion graduate week show in 2013, Angus Chiang was invited to exhibit at the London fashion week 2017.

Chiang’s collection is not for the shy hearted- it’s an exhibition of loud colours demanding attention. Chiang introduces suits to explore the concept of school uniforms. By bringing in elements of denim he showcases how students like to rebel against the idea of all looking the same. He champions the attempts for self-expression whilst being a part of a unified system. This concept is explored further with his use of fluorescent pink as a spot colour and within the unique additions of materials students use at school: pencils, measuring tapes and rulers.  Along with the heart shaped cuts, zippers and metallic details, Chiang stitches in sayings and jokes that students write in their year books. Chiang finishes the collection with popular favourite canvas shoes that students like to wear.

An iconic inspiration for this collection is 90’s student celebrity called Jerry Lo. Jerry Lo was responsible for bringing American pop culture to Taiwan. Predominately known for his multi-colour and bold sense of style, Chiang feels he is valuable muse to draw inspiration from. On the whole, Chiang’s AW/17 pays homage to the playful nature of youth pop culture.

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