Amp Up Your Bank Holiday Style!

The May Bank Holiday is always the perfect time of year to reassess your summer style. Yes the clouds may still be looming (let’s face it, this is England and they will be always be looming) but as we approach June, it’s definitely time to inject a little more sunshine into your everyday style.

Whether you want to relax your office tailoring or fully embrace your feminine side with pastel shades and womanly silhouettes, the Spring Issue of The Bite Mag is filled to the brim with gorgeous the very best summer looks from designers such as Ming Pin Tien, Gayeon Lee and Xsenia Runa offering a world of inspiration.

So take a peek and use the extra day off this weekend to bring some light into your wardrobe. Your 9-5 self will definitely thank you for it.


Ming Pin Tien from TheBiteFilm on Vimeo.

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