The Devil Wear’s Prada ‘The Musical’

The Devil Wears Prada is without a doubt one of the most entertaining portrayals of the magazine industry and you would be hard sprung to find a fashionista of a certain age (hell any age) who isn’t enamoured with Meryl Streep’s steely portrayal of Miranda Priestly and Emily Blunt’s deadpan first assistant Emily Charlton. And whilst I can just imagine the Emily eye-roll or the disparaging glare Miranda would bestow upon any one who would dare break into song in her presence, it seems that for us Priestly diehards, the musical gods are shining upon us. Because in a surprising twist, our favourite characters  are being prepped for an appearance on Broadway.


Broadway producer Kevin McCollum, the man behind Broadway hits such as Rent and Avenue Q, has revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that a partnership with 20th Century Fox will see him transform a series of hit films into musicals, starting with the 2006 film and (rather randomly) Mrs Doubtfire.

It’s one of those ideas that is so deliciously ridiculous that you just know it will work. The makeover scene for one is just dying to be set against a kitschy sing song whilst whichever lucky lady lands the role of Andi jumps through racks of clothing and swishes her hair. The character of Andrea Sachs is just so naively Disney that she’ll perfectly lend herself to song, especially when partnered with a camp BFF and a wise fairy godmother via the role of Runway’s Art Director Nigel.


However the creativity will really come into play when we see how the shows writers manage to musically imbibe the films harsher characters. Meryl Streep’s icy glare and Emily Blunts sharp, deprecating delivery of her one-liners (I’m sorry, do you have a prior commitment? Some hideous skirt convention you have to go to?) is what made their characters so memorable and I’ll tip my hat to any actresses who can convey that same hauteur in song.

Whilst currently no further details have been released about the forthcoming production, it’s definitely one we will be anticipating with bated breath.



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