The beauty of Paris Fashion Week


Given the social media frenzy that ensued post the Valentino show this Paris Fashion Week, one could be forgiven for thinking that Derek Zoolander had usurped fashion week for one big  Hollywood promotion. Instagram was obscured completely with Ben Stiller’s pouting visage and whilst the respite from Kim Kardashian’s boggling celebrity was welcome, it did all seem a little absurd. However, once the excitement around Ben Stiller and Owen Wilsons fantastic blue steel imbued catwalk struts had subsided, we remembered that Paris is in fact, all about the fashion. Here’s my rundown of this weeks very best!


Somehow younger and more evolved at once, Giambattista Valli pushed the boat out this season, all layered tunics, trousers and slim dresses, not a single waterfall hem in sight. Femininity was rife as always, with frills and flounces spilling out from the collars of bibbed blouses and a floral theme woven through but the delicacy was juxtaposed with the feisty boots they were paired with, laced all the way up to there. A reminder perhaps that the Valli woman is more than just a buttoned up pretty girl, this season she came beautifully undone.


As always, Stella McCartney’s offering was an exercise in making stylish dressing easy and accessible for busy women. Fluted trousers paired with a simple yet undoubtedly luxurious cashmere coat, beautiful oversized ribbed knits and pretty dresses underpinned by that staple of working women everywhere, the ivory blouse. Whilst her offering may not be groundbreaking, every day dressing rarely is and what McCartney excels at is bringing the luxury of ease to the everyday, with a wattage of panache that elevates each look above the norm.


Elie Saab took a turn for the dark this season, exchanging his usual mille feuille of sugared tulles for something grittier. And whilst it wasn’t his usual delicacy of pretty what he presented was undoubtedly beautiful. Inspired by the deepest darkest woodlands, there were smatterings of fur across coats with a utilitarian streak displayed through khaki tones cinched at the waist and fastened with stark gold hardware. The dresses were divine in deep blues and greens, the elegance grounded with elbow length leather gloves. Undoubtedly they will be littering the red carpets soon and one hopes that there’s a starlet out there who won’t shy away from the edgier looks.

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