Whilst the tech industry seems doggedly focused on winning over the fashion industry (case in point, last weeks launch of the Apple Watch and their 12 page spread in Vogue), it seems that fashion is much closer to winning hearts when it comes to wearable tech. Swift to make the practical more covetable, fashion houses were quick to create accessories designed around our beloved iPhones and iPads. The luxurious leather of a Valentino tablet sleeve or the quirky nature of a Moschino phone case adding some much needed personality to our ubiquitous gadgets. However, whilst thus far the aesthetics have taken precedence, things are starting to move full circle back to practicality. Looks are no longer enough and this is where wearable tech really comes into it’s own.


One label currently excelling at merging the worlds of function and flair is Stockholm based Holger. Focusing on modern accessories with smart technical features, their 2015 collection is a lesson is how to make ‘useful’ desirable. Inspired by vintage luggage, their collection of bags is crafted using a recyclable fibre that is fully waterproof, complete with a sleek leather finish that is necessary to ensure a lust worthy bag. The collection consists of three styles; the tall sleek ‘backpack’, ‘the senior’ which is a delightful riff on the briefcase and a smaller version of the former, complete with an across body strap dubbed ‘the junior.’ Each is offered in black, blue, green, brown and eye catching orange, keeping the range suitably stylish.


However it’s the technical element that really sets these beautiful pieces apart. Each bag is equipped with a rechargeable power-bank, designed to charge laptops, tablets and phones. Meaning never again will you have to sacrifice browsing Twitter or typing furiously into Whatsapp at the detriment of your battery life whilst out and about. A godsend of fashion editors and bloggers alike, I can see these beauties becoming fashion weeks hottest property, with no missed opportunities for those all important selfies. Pay attention Apple, this is what the fashionista’s really want from their wearable tech.



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