“Immortal” Malan Breton SS/21

A Virtual Fantasy… by DNABLOC

 “Wherever you go, shine” could be considered Malan Bretons mantra. One of fashion brightest lights in highlighting humanity, and diversity. This season Malan Breton partners with Asia, Africa, Europe and American fashion weeks and media outlets. 

11 June 2020 Malan Breton celebrates June’s Virtual Fashion Week with a global runway show from London. With partnerships on three continents with New York Style 360 Fashion Week, Vienna MQ Fashion Week, Shenzhen Fashion Week China, Stella Polare Boutique will present the collection through fashion outlets in the Middle East with more to be announced. 

Historically in fashion, a new season equates to a fresh look, new trends and a different colour palette, one of a kind fabrics intertwined with new patterns by artisans, creating an overall polished aesthetic. Never forgetting the importance of the final look. The way we live now has completely evolved, we lay here bare and completely vulnerable, the outdated standards of dressing have been tossed out the window, and the familiar no more. The world is completely new… 

Lockdown unleashed a new sense of heart in Malan Breton, offering him a chance to adapt the DNA of his namesake brand, taking it to another realm. Known for sending large ornate collections down the runways of the world multiple times a year, Malan Breton has never shied away from putting on glamourous events filled with a sea of familiar names from the fashion and entertainment industries. In this period of isolation, Breton turned inward to reminisce on things that inspired him through his life: music, art and nature. In a time that has driven us to find the importance of life, to tell the stories of our brands and to connect personally with our clients. Breton says, “In moments of solitude I would listen to the ethereal music of Efisio Cross, and meditate, and sketch”, so it is only fitting that the music for this show be written by the French composer. 

In partnership with DNABLOCK, June 2020 Fashion Week will launch with Malan Breton’s virtual runway, featuring CGI designed and developed models whose features and functionality are fully 3D. DNABLOCK is leading the way to personalized entertainment, interaction and inclusion by removing the barriers of 3D content creation. The platform and REPLIKANT™ animation engine allow creatives, brands and individuals the ability to generate bespoke, high-quality, digital beings without prohibitive post-production costs or specialized 3D programming knowledge. DNABLOCK’s platform supports the exporting of content onto ANY device, making it simple to create fulfilling interactions with an enormous reach. Toni & Guy have also come on board as the official hair partner for this season, with Phillip Haug working alongside Malan leading the creative for this CGI produced look. 

Malan’s celebrity line up of first ever produced CGI models includes the infamous Kiera Chaplin the granddaughter of British film maker Charlie Chaplin, American singer, dancer and Broadway performer Frankie Grande and Marie Claire’s curve journalists and plus size model Hayley Hasselhoff. To continue Bretons support of diversity within fashion this seasons runway warmly welcomes models from all over the world, with the addition of plus size in women and mens. 

Breton’s digitally generated collection looks to the past and future of aerospace. Separates with clean lines combined with easy-to-wear tailoring are designed meticulously to incorporate into your pre-existing wardrobe. The future is now, the future is every day and we are living in it. 

Further delving into the psyche of “Immortal” reveals a resurgence to the 20’s and 30’s silhouette. Fitting that Breton should create a collection that delves into a period in history, a history that led the world to new hope through much adversity. 

The fabrics are woven using textures of butterfly wings and flowers of the earth such as artichoke flower, plumeria, ginger. All plants and insects that are related to health, ascension and immortality. Breton incorporates his traditional chiffons, leathers, brocades, organza’s and summer weight wools. All looks virtually generated for the show will be available to purchase off the virtual runway through the on-screen boutique. Malan’s signature colour, Breton Blue features heavily throughout the Immortal collection, a colour symbolic of peace. 

This season Malan dreams of a world we live in as one. This global outing for SS 2021 is his soliloquy to a new world, a world of new hope, new ideas and inner beauty. 

This is “Immortal” by Malan Breton… 

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