Thierry Lasry is a product of the 80s culture, who blossomed with the joys of Playmobil, Lego and Japanese cartoons. Astroboy and Cobra were broadcasted religiously during that particular period on french television. Thierry was fascinated by the esthetic of the exuberant and inspirational fashion shows of Claude Montana or Thierry Mugler which did electrify the fashion scene of those days.

In fact, this is how Thierry developed a passion for colors and geometric shapes during his childhood. In the 90s when American hip hop music arrived in France, it was a shock for him in the most refreshing way. During this moment, two opposing worlds collided together the lines of cultural nature and nuture for him and his curiosity and achievement flourished. Both the french art of Elegance, in which he grew up in and was accustomed to; would always be a strong part of his aesthic. However, the added twist of the streetwear element that Thierry was drawn to ‘along the away’, also nourished his imagination. Hence the birth of his will to break all the traditional rules: a concept of duality in the materials or the forms, forever present, today in the work of Thierry Lasry.

In early 2000, after devoting time to optical studies and business school, Thierry Lasry felt the deep urge to express his creativity. He did this through designing and the exploration of the eyewear domain because; it is an accessory that is the most obvious in the definition of oneself, by being the first element that is seen on a face. Thierry’s career path was a natural choice yet equally obvious as he was raised by a mother who was a designer and father who was an optician.

Blessed with this background, Thierry was offered a field of infinite expression. He perceived sunglasses as the supreme accessory that unites together the universe of fashion, make-up and architecture. Upon this discovery while studying, the unique ‘savoir-faire’ included the technics of outstanding craftsmanship, Thierry Lasry pushed the borders and creates the absolute object of ‘art-à-porter’, blending vintage and edgy groundbreaking

codes, imposing a style that is immediately recognizable, a real signature without a visible logo. He has proven throughout his whole career that he will not impose any limit in his creation, with sunglasses that will break rules, like those with oversized extremes made especially for Lady Gaga.

After almost 12 years designing sunglasses only, Thierry is launching his first optical collection this September. Today, Thierry Lasry defines himself as « Parisian-New Yorker », as he lives between two cities, and continues to move the boundaries of eyewear


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