The theme of the Frankie Morello man and woman SS19 collection is “the journey”. A space travel made in a spaceship crammed with our cultural background, customs and traditions. A journey in evolution, no longer starting from the face of a monkey but oriented to a visible God, who has a price for all our questions: we are into a #technologydevotion. Nazareth becomes the starting place of a #spacemission in which the icons have come to us as pop stars, and the Madonna becomes the spokesman of the verb Frankie Morello. The crowd, in adoration as during the proclamation, prostrates itself towards the light of the #spaceship. The answers to our most common prayers are around: iphone, ipad and all the objects of the last generation are close to each other into the deep sentimental inconsistency of technology. 

Among the angels, Paolo Nespoli descends from space, as an astronaut who becomes the spokesman of a divine echo, he who has just come down to earth: perhaps he will give us some advice for a life beyond this earth. A collection that answers many human questions: where will we end up? how far will the evolution go? Frankie Morello tells us about his future universe, the stylistic one in which the astronaut is a woman ready to wander in the universe, in a world made up of ambiguous cherubs and mythological figures. A sexy woman in latex jumpsuits, luminous in iridescent pvc uniforms and electric blue sequined dresses, determined in tight-fitting sportswear skins that mark the body and enhance the shapes. 

Over the structures above, while the volumes are tightened at the bottom, like sheaths. The eyes lose identity, color, consistency, become white as in the portraits of Amedeo Modigliani before his encounter with love. The human being remains the focus, which Nicholas Poggioli, Artistic Director of the brand, makes wander in the imaginary and not so in distant worlds. It is integrity that aims at, humanize relationships, detoxify oneself from i-tech. But before returning to Nazareth, the place from which we started, man needs to fly. And Frankie Morello gives us the wings.




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