Regent’s University London has educated a league of illustrious designers, renowned for competitively situating graduates academically and professionally from every corner of the world. May 10th marks their 2018 Graduate Fashion show held at the Truman Brewery. A runway delivering the leaders of the future one garment at a time.


Takwa Dalbani Collection: Drifter 1967

Inspiration:  Love, peace and San Francisco. A collection that represents the utopia that was San Francisco in 1967 during The Summer of Love and ‘make-love-not-war’ peace movement. The collection incorporates flowing silhouettes, colourful palettes and transparent textures in an endeavour to celebrate the vibrancy of that exceptional era.


Alison De Meirsman

Collection: The Warp Parade

Nationality: Belgian / Tunisian

Inspiration: Discovering and diving into new, unexplainable, Realms of creation. So much to think about. So much to feel for. It’s easy to get swept up in the magic

Daisy Fields.

A collection that incorporates random stone washed, bleached and dyed denim. A 1950s print and transparent, asymmetric layers of silk, organza and organdie.


Laura Gadža Čermak
Collection: Where’s F***ing Wonderland?
Nationality: Croatian
Inspiration: This collection takes inspiration from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll and the idea of ‘hell’.Things are not always as they seem.


Rojia Hatami
Collection: Chaotic Splendour

Nationality: Iranian

Inspiration: A collection of exaggerated, voluminous, feminine pieces gathered to the body with the use of leather strapping. Inspired by the tranquillity that exists after a storm.


Srimah Khan
Collection: Ardour: The Heat of Passion Nationality:

Inspiration: Inspired by organic forms and the texture of fungi, Ardour boasts a series of dynamic, oversized outfits. They make use of fabric manipulation and oversized silhouettes. This collection offers a clean colour palette with vibrant floral prints bringing each outfit to life. Ardour is comprised of masculine shirts that are constructed with feminine elements. Upon wearing, a woman becomes strong and confident, yet beautiful and delicate.


Celine Klein
Collection: Créatures des Bois Nationality:

BritishInspiration: Créatures des bois, is a collection inspired by the mythological spirit of nature, the Nymph. I grew up encompassed by woodland; canopies of trees, decorated by moss and fungi, with beams of fragile light escaping through them at every opportunity. Taking these elements l have recreated the seductive temptress, the Nymph. Ruffles grow sporadically out of seams and fall naturally to decorate the figure, it is as though nature is blossoming out of this mythical recreation in order to adorn the wearer.


Kripali Rajwani

Collection: G-Cube2

Nationality: Indian

Inspiration: G-Cube2 is inspired by Tetris. Tetris is a primary computer game, introduced in 1984. I have translated its simplicity and minimalism into a collection of cuboid shapes, bright colours and blocks.


Unnati Shah
Collection: A Proper Woman

Nationality: Indian 

Inspiration: The sari is the traditional outfit worn by women of India. My collection explores details from the saris such as layering, pleating, gathering and the asymmetrical silhouette.


Ilyes Ouali
Collection: Frozen Trash Nationality:

Inspiration: This collection is a story that takes place in the 80s in a French ski station. The collection illustrates differentstages of a rich couple’s life. They spend happy times together but the underlying reality is very different. This is represented by a clash between evening wear and technical skiwear alongside the addition of climbing accessories. These refer to the final chapter where they decide to throw themselves from the top of the mountain.


Ziyu Wu
Collection: The Abandoned Doll in the Corner. Nationality:

Inspiration: This collection represents vulnerable women in society by emulating the form of a broken doll. My main design elements are various differing simulations of body parts and joints.

Photography: Tony Wellington


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