Not a single seat was left bare this January at Milan’s WHITE: Man & Woman show. The exhibition hosted an exciting array of 270 different brands. Local fashion appreciators made sure to be there and were amongst a noticeable increased circle of foreigner buyers. The show was particularly sensational due to its innovative notion of warming up the crowd with teasers of menswear. This made for a memorable night, as each viewer took home insight of the latest trends.


Less is more– a classic quote and the wisdom of german architect, Mies van der Rohe. But lets head more north and take note of the influential northern aesthetics in the Danish brand, Wood Wood.

“Wood Wood features an international and minimalist mindset. Everything we create has to reflect those values.”

There’s three major threads, all strung together creating an unique and formal sportswear collection called Base. Karl-Oskar Olsen and Brian SS Jenson, are the two sets of creative hands who brought together the New York hip-hop scene of the ‘90s, the iconic sports logo craze, grey hotchpotch wool suits and teddy fabric. WHITE and CNMI (The National Chamber for the Italian Fashion) made a good choice when they chose Wood Wood as their guest.

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