Read the Winter 2011 Edition

Winter 2011 Edition

Read the Winter 2011 Edition
Read the Winter 2011 Edition



Ah, beautiful Cuba! An island that embraces a colourful and interesting mix of cultures and deemed as one of the most sought after destinations to escape to. Take a journey with us and discover pristine white sandy beaches like no other. Find out which top five hotels we’d recommend, the best places to visit and interesting attractions that makes Havana, the capital and largest city in Cuba, the biggest tourist hotspot in the world. With a nightlife that is a breath of fresh air and plenty of friendly natives, you’ll be dancing the night away Cuban style in no time.


As always, we bring you our fast paced coverage of one of the most important and exciting events in the fashion world’s calendar: the London Fashion Week. To find out who’s hitting London with the hottest designs in their Autumn/Winter 2012 collections, be in the know with our special catwalk reports and fashion news from our online fashion correspondent, Stacy-Jayne Archer.


Whenever you hit town, you’ll want to make sure that you turn heads and get noticed! For unique techniques in making you the sensational woman you are, let Bite be your guide and show you how with our essential guide on the latest beauty tips and products. And we have something for the men too! Read through our pages for our selection of the best grooming kits, sexy colognes and products that will make women appreciate the dynamic man that you are.


Food is an essential requirement in our everyday life. With so many restaurants and eateries to choose from, you’ll want to ensure you get the best quality in cuisine. Whether you’re hungry after a therapeutic shopping trip or just want to go out and eat with friends or family, we’ll bring you the best in our recommendation of top restaurants and eateries in town through our regular reviews.

Read the Winter 2011 Edition

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