Summer 2011 Edition

Summer 2011 Edition

Summer 2011 Edition
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Jessie J revealed a hard-hitting, male challenging, crotch grabbing, and girl-power attitude in her “Do It Like A Dude” music video with her raven bob and dark gothic make-up becoming her signature look and the talk of the music world. Toning down her attitude in subsequent single, “Price Tag”, Jada Brookes looks at what makes the edgy and wild Essex-born singer-songwriter “the best singer in the world” right now.


This beautiful historical capital and largest city of the Czech Republic boasts countless churches, museums, theatres, cinemas and other historic exhibits. Once the permanent seat of two Holy Roman Emperors, and thus the capital of the Holy Roman Empire during the Gothic and Renaissance era, Prague is a city worth visiting for its historical values. One of our Bite staff pays a visit to Prague and finds out what the capital has to offer visitors.


All eyes were on the future of UK fashion at the Graduate Fashion Week held at Earls Court in June. Universities from around the country showcased their designs; some unusual, some quirky and some beyond creative imagination. Bite Magazine got front row view of what the home universities talents had to offer the ever-changing fashion world. Find out more in our special report.

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