Palladium Hotel Group has joined forces with Ibiza Songs – a group of experts in creating brand identity through music – to personalise the musical style of its hotels. Following analysis of the audience and other characteristics of the brand, playlists comprising of different themes and melodies are being curated for each hotel’s different spaces, thus placing music as a fundamental element of sensory marketing.

The new collaboration will lead to the creation of unique and exclusive environments at Palladium Hotel Group’s hotels, with playlists customised according to the customer profile of each hotel brand. The music will be manually updated regularly, removing the need for robot algorithms, and the playlists will also include relevant service information for the guests of each hotel. The playlists will be created using a personalised branding study and the advice of the technical experts in music and will complete the identity of each brand with the latest in sensory marketing.

Costa Mujeres, Mexico is one of the first to have the personalised playlist played in some thirty spaces around the properties. Other properties belonging to the Only YOU Hotels, BLESS Collection Hotels, Grand Palladium Hotels & Resorts, and TRS Hotels will have the implementation rolled out over the next few months. This initiative reflects Palladium Hotel Group’s ongoing commitment to create unique experiences that turn its customers into fans and is another step in ensuring excellence and customer experience of the highest quality in the group’s hotels.

Ibiza Songs is led by DJ and producer Sebastián Gamboa, along with Victor Nebot. He has more than 30 years of experience as a resident in the best clubs in Ibiza and has become a benchmark for house music around the world. Throughout his career, Gamboa has composed thirteen albums and produced fourteen compilations, among which is ‘La Vida’ from the Purple Music label, made with David Penn. In addition, he has been recognised as Best Ibiza DJ at the prestigious DJ Awards (2007), Best Soulful & Deep House DJ at Deejay Mags (2009), Best Ibiza DJ at the DJ Oners (2011) and producer of the Best compilation of the year in Muchoticket (2014 and 2015).

Sebastián Gamboa, DJ and Co-Founder CEO of Ibiza Songs, highlights the significance of this agreement with Palladium Hotel Group: “For Ibiza Songs as well as for me in particular, it is with great pride and at the same time a challenge to take over the management of the musical content of this well-respected hotel group. For companies like ours, it is very important to look at a personalised musical proposal for each business, always focusing on a better customer experience. This is our raison-d’être.”

The Global Director of Operations of Palladium Hotel Group, Raúl Benito, explains that success in modern hospitality “is based on transmitting personalised experiences to our clients by taking care of the small details, and a very important part is sensory marketing. At Palladium Hotel Group we have been taking care of the musical content of our hotels for years, and now we have wanted to make a qualitative leap on a global level by allying ourselves with Sebastián Gamboa and his Ibiza Songs team who, from one of the world’s most important music destinations, Ibiza, will develop the musical content of each of our brands in a personalised way. It is a pleasure to work with this great professional, friend, and great connoisseur of our hotels.”

Ibiza, Home of Music  

Music has always been a very present element in all the Palladium Hotel Group hotels. The hotel group, of Ibizan origin, has an important link with the island’s characteristic musical environment. 

Since the 70s, Ibiza has been the cradle of electronic music and a meeting point for the best DJs and professionals in the sector. The Palladium Hotel Group hotels are home to some of the best clubs, beach clubs and entertainment areas on the island, and now, thanks to the collaboration with Ibiza Songs, all the spaces in the group’s properties will enhance their musical environment with playlists customised according to the type of hotel, its audience, the time of day and other elements to ensure a unique and unforgettable sensory experience.

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