Albaro Wellness & Spa Opens at Grand Park Hotel

With absinthe, cannabis, and other powerful botanicals, grappa-soaked spa treatments by Illyria Wellness delight guests at Maistra’s new ultra-luxury flagship hotel in Rovinj. Featuring the best massages in the Adriatic, Albaro Spa & Wellness is over 3800 square meters of space for the renewal of mind, body, and spirit.

The most anticipated luxury spa in the Adriatic has just opened: Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, the new ultra-luxury five-star flagship hotel by one of the leading tourism companies in Croatia — Maistra — is pleased to debut Albaro Wellness & Spa.

Drawing from thousands of years of local seafaring history, and soaked in more than a little grappa, the spa menu at Albaro Wellness & Spa lures seekers with the promise of the best massages in the Adriatic, infused with forgotten secrets of Istrian wellness. 

Although Albaro Wellness & Spa extends over 3800 m², it is the potent liquor-themed therapies that already have guests coming back for more.

Signature Spa Treatments begin with a shot of local rakija:

  • Pelinkovac Rakija Ritual: enchanting aromatherapy massage and sugar scrub inspired by the notorious Absinthe of Istria, which contains allegedly psychoactive Artemesia absinthium.
  • Olive Press Ceremony: profoundly relaxing massage with the world’s best Extra Virgin Olive Oil followed by a skin-smoothing olive crush body scrub from local groves
  • Batana Bodywork: a cannabis-infused massage inspired by the wooden boat of Rovinj featuring hemp balm and deep tissue work with a real batana oar.

Fitness and Wellness: 

  • Mermaid University: kids, teens, and adults learn to use a monofin and swim like Rovinj’s dolphins, in the first mermaid swimming program in the Adriatic.
  • Muse Brain Sensing EEG Brain Optimization: with a clinical EEG and biofeedback, learn to “calm the storm” and change your brain wave patterns to enter deep tranquility.
  • Kinesis Functional Training: echoing the movements of sailing and pulling on fishing nets, the Kinesis system is an elegant, intuitive breakthrough in functional fitness.

The Thermal Zone features botanicals of the adjacent forest park with five saunas, two cool plunge pools, tea lounge, icefall, wellness garden, and experience showers.

In addition to signature spa treatments by Illyria Wellness based on local traditional remedies, Mr. Ugrin selected nurturing seaweed rituals with VOYA Organic Beauty, and results-oriented luxury facial skincare with thermal mineral concentrates by Omorovicza. 

To learn more about Albaro Wellness & Spa or reserve a stay, visit the Grand Park Hotel Rovinj.

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