N&S GAIA FW20 Collection – CHAOS

Founded in 2014 by designer Sidharth Kumar, N&S GAIA has gained international recognition since showcasing at Lakme Fashion Week and India Fashion Week. The brand presented their collection at London Fashion Week thanks to Fashion Scout London and appeared at international trade shows such as WHO’s NEXT in Paris, France; PITTI SUPER in Milan, Italy; and GREEN SHOWROOM in Berlin, Germany. 

N&S GAIA emerged further into the Asian market by showing at Malaysian Fashion Week where they were elected by The Future of Asia as the Upcoming Ready to Wear Designer brand. They were also the Selected Brand for Scouting for Vogue Italia Talent 2019. The brand didn’t stop there either and went on to showcase their FW19 collection at Helsinki Fashion Week, Sustainable Fashion Week, and Green Showroom in Berlin.

 They were also invited by the GAA Foundation to participate at Venice Design 2019; awarded the winner of NJAL x JOOR 100 Projects; and invited by Ted Talk to speak at The University of St Andrews about ‘Building Bridges’ through their work in sustainable fashion.

A contemporary womenswear label that originates from New Delhi in India, N&S GAIA is rich in unique designs and fabric techniques. They are a big advocate of mindful production and maintain their sustainability ethos by upcycling and recycling. The ’N’ and ’S’ in the brand name stands for ‘Nature and Sustainability’, enabling them to reflect the approach of ‘less is more’ in their designs. 

The latest FW20 collection from N&S GAIA depicts the artistic expression of CHAOS in today’s fashion with a voice of non-sectarian, identity, or a particular class. The collection was created using the processes of upcycling, Econyl Regenerated Nylon, hand-painted artwork, deconstruction, and industrial waste with elements of movement, layering, and fusion.


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