JD Malat Gallery is offering all UK-based artists the chance to showcase and sell their work at the prestigious Mayfair Gallery from 1-8 July in Isolation Mastered – a unique, group exhibition of 20 artists who demonstrate a creative response to the COVID-19 isolation period. 

Some of art and culture’s biggest names make up the committee carefully reviewing submissions, including GQ editor Dylan Jones, rockstar and art collector Gavin Rossdale, artist Robert Montgomery, Sotheby’s Institute Professor David Bellingham and Art Dealer Simon de Pury. 

Leading the committee is JD Malat Gallery owner and celebrity art dealer Jean-David Malat, who deals to everybody from royals to pop superstars like Madonna, film legends such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, rock icons like Bono and fashion VIPs including Kate Moss. All profits made from the exhibition will be given to the artists involved, to support the art community during this challenging but hopeful time, as they gradually ease out of lockdown and look to the future. 

Jean-David said: “During this period of unprecedented uncertainty, art is one of the most important ways to foster positivity and connect society. “We hope this initiative provides a platform for artistic expression and supports the art sector, giving creative individuals of all backgrounds an opportunity to showcase their work at one of London’s leading galleries.” 

From 15 May until 15 June, JD Malat Gallery will welcome applications from all UK artists via their website The committee will then select their top 20 artists whose work presents an innovative dialogue with the isolation period and demonstrates a masterful exploration of their chosen medium. 

The 20 selected artists will be displayed in Isolation Mastered for the first week of July. During this exhibition, JD Malat Gallery will welcome members of the public to decide on their favourite artist through a series of online and in-person votes. The artist with the most votes will also receive an exclusive solo show at JD Malat Gallery in 2021. 

As a gallery that has inclusivity and diversity at the core of its programme, JD Malat Gallery recognises this unique, artist-led initiative as an opportunity to foster connection and strengthen the art community, following this period of physical distance caused by the global pandemic.

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