PRITCH London stands for non-conformist luxury, their distinctive use of sustainable leather embodies today’s versatile modernity through classic shapes, duality and dimensional textures. Without compromise PRITCH London have created their collections with consistency, utilising handcrafted leather technology and harnessing opulent textures and esoteric materials.

Their latest collection, Divine Beings, elevates the PRITCH London wearer to divine status, bringing the power of ancient Greek mythology to their clients through striking silhouettes, unique materials and extraordinary techniques; whilst continuing to use their signature material: leather.

The creative drive behind this collection comes from the desire to illuminate the obscure and ambiguous ancient Greek goddesses who are historical overlooked in favour of more serene beings. Hecate, the three- headed goddess of magic and the night, known for her ability to see past, present and future, is depicted more rarely than the gentler Aphrodite or Athena, but for us this divine being represents the multifarious expression of the collection.

Historically depicted carrying flaming torches through treacherous night journeys, the colour palette of the Divine Beings collection reflects the mysterious tales of the goddess Hecate.

Yellow, red and black run alongside grey, meticulously curated in a mosaic of demanding soft buttery leathers. This rich and rewarding partnership extends to silks in shades of silver whilst the eccentricity of houndstooth plays an assertive role in this contemporary ceremony.

Suffice to say, PRITCH London deliver eloquence whilst challenging the fashion status quo, presenting within their own schedule and away from the masses, a reflection and celebration of their client and teams’ appreciation of uniqueness.

Designed by Federica Braghieri of PRITCH London.
Leather techniques developed by Madara Rozensteina of PRITCH London.



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