Robin Hood

New Film Release

There have been many adaptations of the legendary Robin Hood over the years but what makes this 2018 version so different? Well hot off the heels of The Kingsman, the smooth talking Taron Egerton plays Robin of Loxley aka The Hood and still maintains his cheeky persona and comical lyrics whilst performing ninja-like moves with his arrow. Little John, Robin’s mentor, who has been given the new name of Yahya as well as a simple ‘John’ is played by Jamie Foxx, and Marian, Robin’s love interest, played by Eve Hewson is married in this version to Will Tillman aka Will Scarlet, one of the merry men, played by Jamie Dornan.

Just as in superheroes films, the identity of the mystery crusader is questioned and pondered by many, while Robin of Loxley, seemingly a member of the court rather than a common thief residing in Sherwood Forest with his merry men as previous versions have portrayed, plays his cards close to his chest while concealing his true mastery. One of the funniest parts in the trailer is when he aims a flaming arrow at a tank and it blows to smithereens, surprising both himself and Marian. When she asks, “Was that supposed to happen?” he brushes the question off and answers nervously, “Yea, of course.”

In a film we are told the “legend you know, the story you don’t” and are asked to “look for the hood”; this version of Robin Hood directed by Otto Bathurst is sure to be full of adventure, love and action.


Released Date: 21st November 2018

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