TRAVEL: Our Retreat Launch Annual Ski-Based Escape in Chamonix

Set to take the slopes in February 2019, Our Retreat – a boutique retreat with balance, nutrition and wellness at its heart – will launch its first ski-based escape in Chamonix, in the foothills of Mont Blanc. From sun salutations to skis, retreaters will revel in mobility, meditation, skiing and snowboarding, before enjoying nutritious meals personally prepared by Our Retreat’s chef.

Led by world-class trainers, health and fitness experts – from Shona Vertue and Roo Hamer, to Emily Cohen and Richie Norton – classes are worked into a personalised programme that can be practised beyond the retreat. With a brand ethos deeply rooted in balance, Our Retreat doesn’t limit calorie intake and promote hours of gruelling and intense training. Instead, guests can indulge in mobility and strength training – exercises ideal for preparing the muscles for skiing – as well as yoga, hiking trails, meditation and sound healing sessions.

 Upon arrival, the expert Our Retreat team take care of everything, from fitness classes and accommodation, to ski pass, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Using seasonal ingredients, freshly prepared by Our Retreats’ chefs, meals are healthy and nutritionally balanced, but don’t hold back on taste; shared with fellow retreaters, meals are sociable and can be enjoyed with a glass of wine. After all, it’s all about balance.

 Founded by Lisa Carolan, Our Retreat offers opulent fitness, nutrition and wellbeing breaks for adventure-lovers, first-time-retreaters and solo travellers alike. Meet new people, enjoy delicious food and bespoke fitness classes, and take the time to leave the business of everyday life behind.

 Launching in February 2019 – Our Retreat brings mindfulness, mobility and nutrition to the slopes with a brand new ski retreat, in the foothills of Mont Blanc.

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