The 42nd edition of  Belgrade Fashion Week was held from the 28th October – 3rd November 2017.

The anniversary of professor Doda Komad, last year’s winner of the BFW Award for her contribution to the development of fashion as an art form. The programme featured shows of Nevena Ivanović, who recently impressed the London Fashion Week audience with her brand Neo Design, in the world of emerging designers at the Fashion Scout in London.

The support for the youngest authors is expressed through the NOIZZ FASHION AWARD  and the support continues to be shown through numerous fashion shows of famous and emerging designers such as the Belgrade Design District designers such as Budislava Kekovic, Aleksandra Lalic etc.


Aleksandra Lalic treats fashion as art by implementing her knowledge of the history of art and combining it with her talent for materialisation of garment from sketch to realisation. Lalic fashion label incorporates her interest in conceptual into everyday clothing. It is a mixture of intricate cut made into simple garments and interesting quality materials. From long, oversized pants to super-fitted jackets and feminine balloon skirts, Lalic is following her inner silhouette-vision. He is a Belgrade Design District member.

About the collection
Just like the previous collections, the Lalic collection for AW17/18 called Uterine Melancholy, is inspired by cultural myths about femininity. Hysteria, as a state of enthusiasm in the resistance against forced social roles, is dressed in a dandy straightjacket, refreshed with a white collar.    www.instagram.com/lalicabg


In the past year NEO design has been awarded multiple prizes, including Fashion Scout South East Europe Award. That brought an opportunity to present the ATEHNEO collection during this LFW on the One the Watch platform. NEO design also qualified as an 2017 European finalist in The Woolmark prize. NEO design strives to bring traditional techniques of making clothing and jewelry to a new age in which functionality will benefit from a tradition inspired by simplicity.

About the collection:
The Collection ATEHNEO is mainly inspired by the motives from the book “The Khazarian dictionary” by Milorad Pavić, but also his approach to this unique piece of art. The Khazarian was written in that way so that it can be read and observed as a sculpture, from many different angles. Another inspiration are the forms and shapes of the Ottoman traditional clothing which were implemented into traditional Serbian clothing after the battle for Kosovo in 13th -14th century. All these human migrations lead to mixture of many traditions, cultures and genes. And they created a prefect base for an experiment, the combination of traditional Serbian, Ottoman and the unknown Khazarian clothing.  www.neodesignneo.com


In the last few years, Ana showcased her collections at Belgrade Fashion Week, where she has had great success from the very beginning. In 2015, the Not Just a Label platform, which deals with the discovery of new names in the fashion world, included her in the Black Sheep Designer category as a highly talented and innovative designer. In 2016, she received the “Textil Young Designer Award” as the best young designer at the Belgrade Fashion Week.

About the collection:
The collection for the year 2018 is named “42” and is inspired by the novel “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. The collection reminds of the 70s look. The forms, silhouettes, patterns and prints are subordinate to this decade, but in a new and fresh way. Motifs of dolphins and mice, as well as missile are present. The colour palette includes pastel tones combined with basic and neon colours. The materials include artificial leather and fur, vinyl, wool, cotton and silk, as well as synthetic mixtures. The accessories are enriched with 3d design patterns. www.instagram.com/moodboardstudio/?hl=en


In 2010, in cooperation with Aleksandra Lalic, the designer Vesna Kracanovic created the joint brand Modle and opened her first designer shop located in the Belgrade Design District. Since 2012, Vesna Kracanovic has been living between Belgrade and Brig, and has started a new brand called Siveno dedicated to the European market. Siveno focuses on experimenting with forms and cuts, repeating the small details and magnifying them into the main theme. The simplicity of her design and her geometric approach to the cut were mainly influenced by Japan.

About the collection:
The latest collection “Snug Harbour” includes over-sized garments (skirt, collar on the coat, part of a sleeve…) but they don’t overwhelm the model. Their purpose is just to emphasize the geometry of the model and overhaul simplicity. Clouds that can be seen on the horizon make you want to sail to a home equipped with naval colours, even into unknown weather conditions. The calm casualness of the classic red and blue colours areable to survive the storm and bring you home – just as it is supposed to happen.


Dejana Momcilovic graduated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium with a degree in fashion design. She worked for many Belgian designers: A. F. Vandevorst, Dries Van Noten, Vera & Violetta Pepa amongst others.

About the collection:
The AW17/18 collection is a mix of punk and classic tailoring, a combination of handmade and machine work. She used traditional fabrics for tailoring, woolen stof, moher, silk pvc, tinsel and metal. The colour palette includes burgundy, the colour of tobacco, grey, black and pink.

For more information: www.belgradefashionweek.com



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