Copenhagen Fashion Week featuring Astrid Andersen

With her degree from the Royal College of Art in London, the Danish designer Astrid Andersen has an unique flair as her collection this season fuses luxury and sports. Andersen is always on the move, making appearances internationally and one can see her worldly influence in her design. It’s no wonder she made a memorable appearance at the Copenhagen Fashion Week.

What was the collection like? Picture a shimmer from camel and plum velvet combined with designer Sophie Hallette’s detailed lace and leopard print. Statements were made. Glares were stolen. Control was taken. Andersen hones in on the fact that her new range is an effort to champion women- allowing them to take control of their sexuality. Being her first womenswear range, she wanted it to be all about comfort, hence her use of casual corduroys, and she juxtaposed this with luxurious velvets, feathers and lace allowing space for contemporary expression.

Having had just started an online shop, fashion lovers of Copenhagen are a massive support and welcome her with open arms allowing her to climb up the brand ladder as a go-to label. Watch this space- there will be plenty more of those iconic flat caps, comfy yet stylish wear and don’t forget to look at her Andersen sunglasses range. 





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