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As the old adage goes, one mans trash is another mans treasure, however in the case of a woman in love with fashion it’s probably more apt to say that one woman’s unwanted last season handbag is another woman’s desperately coveted accessory. Which is why Rebelle is such an exciting place to be shopping right now.InfluencerDay_Post20_JOU

Launched by Cecile Gaulke, Rebelle was essential the solution to a problem many women face. Whilst she was in the process of moving to London, Gaulke’s father was less than impressed with overflow of designer pieces that were residing in his cellar whilst she travelled.  Having lost her love for selling at flea markets and not trusting the authenticity of online resellers, her problem inspired a great solution and she decided to launch a convenient and trustworthy service for selling second hand designer fashion.

With a vision to combine the very best of online retailers and the auction element of many resellers she launched Rebelle, a super easy and super trustworthy platform for selling and buying. With each piece that goes through the site rigorously examined for authenticity by a dedicated team in Hamburg, shoppers can rest assured that the Louis Vuitton handbag that they’ve just splurged on is authentic and in good state rather than fretting needlessly about whether you might just have splurged on a fake (let’s face it, in the wake of an almost too good to be true bargain designer find we’ve all had the realisation, post purchase that it might be a fake.)

With pieces ranging from brands such as Chloe and Isabel Marant to super luxe Hermes, Chanel and Dior, Rebelle gives shoppers the chance to nab those special pieces they’ve always coveted at a more attainable price or a second chance to locate a piece that may have sold out the first time round. Importantly for the sellers, they’ll receive 85% of the revenue meaning that it’s never been easier to clear out your wardrobe whilst making money for ALL the new purchases. And as for the shoppers, you get a 48-hour delivery service and a beautifully wrapped package ensuring that you always get that luxe shopping experience.

Rebelle Euro Influencer shoot Group_Shot08To celebrate their launch into the UK as well as Scandinavia, Netherlands and Italy, Rebelle have teamed up with five beautiful fashion influencers from across Europe to showcase their takes on the ultimate summer look by selecting pieces directly from the site.  A celebration of investment shopping and timeless style the gorgeous images prove that what one woman doesn’t want is indeed another woman’s treasure.

Visit to find your own treasures.

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