Post Fashion Week Essential – The MediPedi

London Fashion Week is always a wonderful time of year, giving us a chance to look ahead to the trends that will be filling our wardrobes this coming season whilst taking the time to appreciate the beautiful creations our capitals top designers have painstakingly brought to fruition. It’s also basically just one long fashion parade for everyone who’s attending the shows. Getting super dressed up day after day is ALL the fun and LFW definitely gives you licence to get a little more experimental with your style, which is super exciting. Everything is a little bolder, clothes a little brighter and heels a little higher. Everyone looks sensational but let’s be honest, multiple days of running around London in an array of chic Louboutins and quirky Sophia Webster heels can really take it’s toll and unless you’re lucky enough to be ferried around in a shiny Mercedes (*ahem* Vogue staff!) looking that fabulous is murder on your feet.

I’m a firm believer that pedicures are a necessity, not a luxury. After all, our feet carry us around all day (often squeezed into beautiful but impractical shoes) so it’s only fair that they’re pampered in return for their troubles. After attending umpteen shows dotted around London my tootsies were in need of more than just a file and polish – a serious overhaul was in order and nothing gives feet the care they need like a medical pedicure. So off I ran (*read* crawled towards slowly) to the shiny new Margaret Dabbs clinic, nestled amongst Notting Hill’s Space NK. The full review of my experience of their world famous medical pedicure will be featured in our Spring issue to be sure to check it out – your feet will thank you!

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