Not-A-Porter – Massenet Resigns!

There is nary a week in fashion where things run smoothly and drama free but there are certain pieces of news that whilst not entirely surprising still remain shocking. And the resignation of Natalie Massenet from the company she founded in 2000 is definitely up there as one of fashions most shocking departures. The question is, what brought this on and more pressingly, where will the BFC chairwoman venture next?


Speculation is one of the industries favourite pass times and rumour have been rife that Net-A-Porter’s upcoming merger with Yoox Group has something to do with the sudden departure. Is gossip is to be believed, Massenet was not all too thrilled about the merger and the reduced capacity of her role within the company she built. Renowned for having grown Net-A-Porter into the worlds largest luxury e-commerce site as well as changing the landscape for luxury fashion online, Massenet’s keen eye for editorial and strong relationships with brands has allowed her to translate the seductive nature of high end garments into a loyal customer base and millions of pounds worth of sales. With her gone and Frederico Marchetti, currently CEO of Yoox and soon to be CEO of the combined companies at the helm it will be interesting to see what direction the company will take with a leader much more corporate than creative.


Speaking out following her resignation Massenet said “the completion of Net-a-Porter Group’s merger with Yoox Group is the right time for me to move on to explore new ideas and opportunities. The business I started in 2000 could not be in better shape today. Having joined forces with Yoox Group, the company will be bigger, stronger and superbly well positioned under Federico Marchetti’s leadership to lead the industry and create the future of fashion. As a continuing loyal customer I will be excited to see the next chapter for this amazing business.”

“As for my own future, my entrepreneurial drive is as strong today as it always has been, and my passion for innovation will continue to be my greatest guide in business,” said Massenet of her next step. “The incredible experiences and memories of the past decade and a half and the people I have had the honour to work alongside  will always be an inspiration to me.”

Whilst many have wondered if she might find her way over to Conde Nast as they make their foray into integrated selling with the rebranding of I personally would love to see her launch her own line, not unlike Tamara Mellon. From a woman with such impeccable taste, you know it would be just divine!


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