Belnatur’s Essential Range Skincare

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Belnatur ‘s skincare is widely recognized in the beauty industry to be one of the best to target specifics needs and treatments for the skin. Used mostly in the professional salons, Belnatur has finally reached the retail environment making their brand available now to the rest of us. Launched in 1979 in Barcelona by pharmacist and chemist Maria Ribera, the company has grown successfully and now it is very much loved by top beauticians, celebrities, such as Naomi Campbell, Natalie Imbruglia, and also by any one wanted to care for their on beauty and skin condition. Belnatur active ingredients are mainly origins from natural plants of from the sea and are targeted to look after all aspects of the skin problematic, especially in the area of the face, body and sun damages.

Belnatur’s Essential Range combines the latest advances in cosmetic technology together with the benefits from the natural world, creating a new line of products suitable for different skin types, different issues and needs. In fact the range is developed for each skin-type group: Dry-Alipic: Very dry skin lacking in oils, Oily: recognized by presence of extra sebum, open pores, shine and impurities, Flaccid: lack of firmness and collagen, Combination: imbalance skin with presence of dry skin generally around the cheek area and more oily on the t-zone: front, nose and chin, Dehydrated: lack of water and nutrition, Sensitive: skin reacting to certain ingredients, perfumes and friction –  and finally, a range dedicated to All-Skin Variety for all skin types.

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BELNATUR’S Essential Range BALANCE CREAM taken to the test:

Balance Cream is one of the star products for combination skin and also the ideal cream for my skin type.  The unique formula of marine plants, such as Laminaria Saccharina Algae Extract, together with a combinations of vitamins B3 and B5, Mattifying Micro-Sponges and Sun Protection SPF8 helps to balance the skin PH moisturising the drier part of the skin and at the same time reducing shine and impurities in the oilier parts, absorbing sebum and therefore reducing bacterial proliferation. The results are a soothing and smooth skin, shine-free. In fact this is exactly what my skin needs, and, after a week of application, my skin felt really fresh, better balanced and more compact, with open pores less visible, which in other words, translate also in a younger looking skin. The delicate and light texture of the cream left a pleasant mattifying effect and I found it very helpful and great as base for my make-up. I loved also its delicate scent of fresh breeze, perfect to start the day.  Definitely a big fun of Belnatur’s range. Best companions to follow up with are:  Brossage for cleansing, followed by Herbal Toner twice per day, Nova, to exfoliate once a week, and finally Fitomask, a deep cleansing and purifying mask once every two weeks.


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By Giovanna Zac

Beauty Editor

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