Spring 2013 Issue 8

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Read the Spring 2013 Issue 8

BEAUTY & GROOMING – Male & Female

Summer is here at last and we are always on the lookout for the most unique techniques in helping to make you beautifully sensational, with our essential guide on the latest beauty tips and products. We also take a look at the latest grooming products for men, with something of interest to the sporting men among them! Check out our pages for a selection of the best grooming tips and products.


With a variety of restaurants and eateries to choose from, you’ll want to ensure you get the best quality in cuisine. At The Bite, we endeavour to bring you the best in our recommendations of top restaurants and eateries in town with regular reviews. In this issue, we review the delicious and succulent steaks and other dishes at STK London restaurant based in Theatre Land near the Strand.


The Bite looks at the growing trend of beautifully designed drink boutiques. These shops which seem to be rapidly popping up in central London each specialise in a particular selection of alcohol beverages to suit everyone’s taste and preferences.


As always, we bring you our fast paced coverage of one of the most important and exciting events in the fashion world’s calendar: the London Fashion Week. To find out who’s hitting London with the hottest designs in their autumn/winter 2013 collections, be in the know with our special catwalk reports and fashion news from our fashion correspondent Corrine.

MUSIC – Justin Timberlake

JT is back! Having concentrated more on his acting career in recent years, we are delighted to welcome back the smooth chords of Justin Timberlake. His debut single ‘Suit & Tie’, the first cut taken from his forthcoming album; The 20/20 Experience was his first release in six years. Has it really been that long since Sexyback? JT, good to have you back!

CAR REVIEW – Lamborghini & Arrinera Will The Real One Stand Up?

Aiming to etch itself in history as Poland’s first supercar, Arrinera Automotive has unveiled the final design and name of its upcoming sports car, the Arrinera Hussarya. The Bite looks at the story behind this fascinating model and compares the similar looking car to the established Lamborghini that has truly caught our eye.

TRAVEL – California Gold Country & Central Coast

The area has long been known for outdoor pursuits such as hiking and white water rafting, but there is so much more than this. Historically, this is the birthplace of the Gold Rush, and there are loads of museums and sights to see. Our travel expert, Annabel Goldie-Morrison gives us an insight into the best places to stay, sights to see and activities as well as a little history of California.

Read the Spring 2013 Edition


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