Nichole de Carle
An innovative British luxury lingerie brand that exudes couture design
in intimates,
Cristina Lloyd
admires the designs of Nichole de Carle
London that was Beyoncé’s performing costume of choice at this year’s
Grammy Awards.
t was through her time spent at
Alexander McQueen as well as
his creativity and enthusiasm for
couture design that helped motivate
lingerie designer Nichole de Carle
to amalgamate this into her own
brand. Nichole who specialises
in body contour and fit within
lingerie, swimwear, corsetry and
bridal wear graduated with a
First Class Honours Degree
from the world-renowned
Contour Design course at
De Montfort University. The
skills gained from this course
helped secure her positions at
Alexander McQueen, Donna
Karan and Pleasure State.
Her designs are inspired by
the world of art, literature
and iconic architecture and
embody the pinnacle of fine
craftsmanship, whilst using the
finest fabrics available with
exquisite attention to detail.
Each lingerie piece evokes
the brand’s passion for the
craft by delivering intimates
that exude feminine strength,
beauty, seductiveness, wit and
Established in 2009, Nichole
de Carle London started
out as a British, handcrafted
service for private clients
throughout the world.
Today, in addition to this,
the brand now caters for
a much wider audience
of lingerie enthusiasts who
require that added touch of
comfort and perfect fit. During
the patriotic celebration of the
Olympic Games coming to the UK,
Nichole lent her support by putting
together an exclusive calendar for
2012 in aid of the charity ‘Wellbeing
of Women’ that featured some of the
female athletes representing Britain
in the 2012 Olympics. When admiring
her collection, you simply cannot deny
that there is something special about
Nichole de Carle London! Not only do they
have unique garment styles, outstanding
quality and level of craftsmanship, authentic
structural design aesthetics, shaping and
contouring advantages, bespoke and made-
to-measure services, but also sustainable
production and manufacturing processes.
The Nichole de Carle London AW14 haute
lingerie collections include Black Label
Onyx; a highly structured and engineered
design aesthetic with a functional focus on fit
and superior quality.This amazing collection
is inspired by the linear symmetry and
complex basket-weave design of the iconic
Chrysler building, enhanced by the bespoke
crafted expertise of the designer herself.
As a trendsetter for bodywear rather than
a follower of fashion, the composition of
this range presents a new concept of luxury
lingerie in stylish ready-to-wear items that
are worn to be seen. Soiree meanwhile
has a softer, feminine design aesthetic that
maintains a stylistic brand signature in
the fine detailing of the designs. Inspired
by the world of art and her rich artisanal
heritage, the sensuous and sophisticated
collection has a focus on exquisite fabrics
and luxurious hand finishing, and celebrates
the individual beauty of the female shape
in its elegant creations. Inspiration for the
Signature collection is taken from a journey
of historic architectural masterpieces. It
has a strong design aesthetic and presents
some of the most iconic styles of Nichole
de Carle London.This collection is available
in a stylish palette of seasonal colours
and elevates the craft of contouring to an
exceptional level.
Nichole de Carle London offers a host of
wonderful, sexy and exciting designs to
choose from for AW14. These include the
Black Label Onyx Body which perfectly
combines stylish, fashion-forward design
with a flattering fit. Made with beautifully
contrasting stretch silk and soft powernet
panels strengthened by boning allows the
Body to be worn as a support garment.
The cut out detail on the side and smooth
finishing in rich seasonal colours means it
can be worn as a fashionable ready-to-wear
piece. The Black Label Onyx Basque Bra,
inspired by the intricacy of couture fashion
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