the woman is poised, you may ask these
questions:Why is she driving at night in the
rain? Is she escaping from someone? As
Valerie observes, “The photograph looks
like a film still and the mood is reminiscent
of film noir. This woman has the enchanting
air of a femme fatale but also seems to be
in danger. Something is happening here
and the story compels our attention. As
Gager tells me, the cosmetics used in this
campaign are long-wearing products: ‘So if
you’re caught in the rain, it’s OK.’”
Throughout the book, you’ll find quotes
by bold-face names such as John Demsey,
Nicola Formichetti, Brooke Shields, Dame
Edna, Daphne Guinness and Sharon
Osbourne. Estée Lauder Group President
John Demsey says, “Miles Aldridge is a
modern-day fashion visionary. His iconic
collaborations with James Gager and
MAC Cosmetics became legendary for
their visual impact and strong point of
view,” while stylist Nicola Formichetti
recalls, “Working with James and Miles is
always fun. Ideas develop on set and we all
let our imagination go wild! It’s all about
expression with clothes, make-up and
fantasy. I feel like I can always let myself
go, that there are no limits. It’s a fabulous,
innovative, wonderful world. MAC is such
a creative force in fashion; it’s always
about pushing the boundaries and being
happy in yourself.” Dame Edna, always
the comic, says: “’Mirrors, mirrors on the
wall… who is the funniest of them all?’
It was wonderful to be photographed by
Miles, who is my favourite photographer
by miles. And thanks to MAC and Dame
Nature, I’ve never looked lovelier.” Make-
up artist James Kaliardos makes this
comment, “MAC does what no other
company dares, supporting BEAUTY
with unstoppable innovation and colour,
FASHION with full backstage commitment
and ARTISTS with a vision to push the
boundaries and take beauty to another
dimension. MAC has built a community
of artists who dare to show women (and
men) in an ever-changing, colourful light,
while Miles Aldridge creates scenes from
a futuristic, cinematic fairytale.”
A book for avid MAC fans,
Miles of M•A•C
will open your eyes to the creative energy
and visionary of the renowned cosmetics
brand and as James Gager says in the book,
serve “as an inspiration for art directors,
make-up artists, set designers, hairstylists
and anyone with an interest in image-
Miles of M•A•C
is published by Rizzoli New
York and available at
© Miles of M•A•C by James Gager, Make-Up
Art Cosmetics, Inc./Rizzoli New York 2014. All
photography © Miles Aldridge
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