Fiona James
delves into the colourful and exciting
world of designer Shara Hayz who creates fashion for
the style conscious.
hen you think Shara Hayz, an explosion of colour
seems to light up the night sky, with the radiance
of sci-fi imagery, pop art and ‘80s electronic
music illuminating the stage. The east London-based fashion
designer could in our opinion be likened to the Banksy of
alternative art or the Antonio Lopez of illustrations (in terms
of colourful pop art), for her bold digital prints and use of
LED electronics integrated into her outfits.Or even the modern
colourful interpretation of fashion pioneers Zandra Rhodes
and Vivienne Westwood when punk was at its prominent
height. Shara’s influences cover a wide spectrum and include
1950s sci-fi comics and films, ancient civilizations and their
gods, sun worshippers, pop art, alternative cultures, symbolism
and superheroes. Early on, she captured the attention of stylists,
celebs and photographers including David Sims who shot
her work and has appeared in magazines such as
WAD, Vogue
Online, Kurv, Fiasco, Noise
Her designs have
been worn by the likes of Lara Stone for Hot Chip’s video ‘Night
and Day’, Scissor Sisters’ Ana Matronic on the cover of
and A*M*E for her ‘Heartless’ pop video and single
It may seem only yesterday that Shara Hayz appeared on
the fashion scene, but the designer has been working in the
industry for nearly ten years.“I was lucky to gain a job designing
straight after graduating for a good street wear label. I have
worked my way up in the industry, gaining a lot of experience
with designers like Betty Jackson and Katherine Hamnett, and
making contacts along the way, leading me to create my own
label in 2012.” Completing both a BA Hons and more recently
an MA at London College of Fashion, Shara found both courses
valuable experiences that set you up for working in the fashion
industry. However, she adds, “Though the reality of working
in fashion is very different to university and nothing can compare
to working in fashion than actually getting a job in the industry.”
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