you want. From hair stylists,MUAs,models,
location and the list goes on. So far, I have
been lucky to have some great teams work
with me in the past. People who genuinely
love what I do and are really good at what
they do, making the final images amazing
in the end!”
Due to many of her previous jobs in the
industry involving a lot of CAD work,
Shara is used to creating designs on
computer. “When I created my own label,
it was all about working straight from
the pattern to toiling. Sketching on CAD
can really help with working out colour
combination and styling details, but I’ve
generally fallen back in love with creating
on the stand and will be looking to do it
a lot more for future collections.” With
advances in technology as well as infinite
possibilities where ideas can be pushed to
another level, these two factors form the
reasons Shara enjoys designing clothes so
much. As a self-confessed true creative,
this is also something that the designer
has realised over the years, where ideas
are constantly flowing through her mind.
“I really wish I was instantly able to make
all the ideas that develop in my head on
a daily basis. I really enjoy image building,
creating the look and something individual.
Individuality seems to be easy for me.
I’m always striving to create something
a little different.” Currently, Shara Hayz’s
designs are available online at Not Just A
Label –
and she is
also working on commissioned bespoke
outfits for artistes’ shows. Her fashion
goals include being able to become fully
established and perhaps
designing and creating
outfits for music tours.
But her ultimate goal would be to have her
own concessions in a department store as
well as taking part in either London or
Paris FashionWeek.
As a colourful designer, purple is deemed
Shara’s long-term favourite but she also
loves other colours. “I’m not afraid of
using colour in my collection and I think
this is one reason certain people are
drawn to my designs. I also love working
with gold, and black can be very striking
with a strong aesthetic. One of my next
commissions will be an all-in-one white
outfit.I guess I’m really into extreme colour
schemes.” Leather and PU fabrics which
can be seen throughout her collection
are two of her favourite fabrics to work
with. “I also love working with Lycra
jersey type material because it works well
with the body and gives great contours;
anything shiny or glowing is always a plus.
I have always thought the idea of an outfit
containing both these components look
good and always compliment a strong
sexy woman with a hint of attitude! I also
collect materials from all over the world
including the embellishments that comes
from countries like Turkey, China and Sri
Finally, for aspiring fashion designers, Shara
Hayz has lots of good advice that will
make anyone wishing to venture into the
fashion industry really think long and hard
before making their final decision.
“Fashion is one of the hardest
successful in.
There are so many stages to creating and
then selling, then to finally making money
which should be the ultimate goal. If
you’re in it for the glamour don’t bother!
The reality is not glamorous at all, the
reality is hard graft. It is not a 9-5 job!
You will more than likely have more than
one job to be able to pay your way at the
start. You will be thinking and creating
constantly, be ready to sacrifice parts
of your life if you really want to make it
happen, and be aware you will never make
any money for the first few years of setting
up as a designer. Go and get as much
experience working with other designers,
brands, labels etc. Work your way up
in the industry, making fashion friends
and contacts along the way. I personally
wouldn’t try and set up straight after
college as you still have so much more to
learn about this industry.The internet has
changed the way designers are popularised,
and if you promote yourself in the right
way then you are able to get known very
quickly these days. Because of this, I’m
seeing a lot more graduates trying to set
up on their own, straight away. Get good
contacts and stay friends with everyone in
the industry, this is key!!!” Definitely told
like a true expert!
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