The Bite Magazine - Spring/Summer 2020 - Issue 27

bite bags Using the elements of chakra philosophy, Gisselle Morales, founder of Untitled Barcelona creates handbags and necklaces to promote well-being and art. Cristina Lloyd looks at the collection with interest. O ftentimes brands will have a mission statement or ethos, or even both that are usually based on sustainability, well-being, philanthropy, or something else. In the case of Gisselle Morales, founder of Untitled Barcelona, she uses the chakra philoso- phy. This belief is defined through colours, screen printing, art, and stones. As a creative process on self-reflection and visual moving ideas, Gisselle aims to explore all seven chakras with different collections by combining symbols in the bag’s design. Untitled Barcelona is designed for women who love the boho-chic and free-spirited sensations, with each design elevating the spirit of those who choose to wear their bags and accessories. As the founder says, “The bag you wear has a lift-you-up message and declares love to oneself.” The em- powering art messages, unique creations, natural materials, handwoven details, eco-friendly leathers, and contemporary designs are all created manually by artisans. Named after Anahata, Manipura, Svadhisthana, and Mu- ladhara chakras, each handbag and jewellery collection has their individual styles. Under Anahata handbags, you have Centaury and Butterfly; and Self Love. It is said the centaury flower helps us to set limits firmly and fulfil them, as well as allow us to express ourselves and speak out loud. Some