The Bite Magazine - Spring/Summer 2020 - Issue 27

bite bags Untitled Barcelona of its positive qualities are serving others with inner strength while nourishing one’s own needs from the power of internal purpose and saying, ‘no’ when appropriate. Interestedly, butterflies are said to be deep and powerful representations of life. Many cultures associate the butterfly with our souls which represent endurance, change, hope, and life. The artistic and passionate hand-painted collection is an authentic connection with the sense of unity with nature and animals. “This heartfelt collection opens space for love, com- passion, empathy, forgiveness, kindness, intimacy, thankful- ness, altruism, and healing.” The Butterfly series consists of Backpack, Maxi Bum, Maxi and Mini Market, Tube, Basket, Mini Zip, and Shopper bags handcrafted in green canvas and Burgundy chenille with an original hand-painted healing art by Mauricio Ballesteros. Each one has shiny silver hardware, silver leatherette lining, and interior opening pockets. The adjustable 4 cm nylon strap is in either a back or crossbody style or handcrafted shoulder knitted handles depending on the bag. Self Love is based on the accepting, nurturing, and honest relationship with ourselves. It’s about ‘being’ and represents as well as offers love for others, compassion, and a deep under- standing of the mysteries of life. The Self Love bags consist of a Backpack, Basket, Flap, Market, Tube Mini Flap, Mini Market, and Mini Sachet handcrafted with green and light pink soft lambskin leather featuring a hand-printed passionate message and the symbol of the butterfly. It has similar features to the Butterfly bags. Under Manipura bags, you have Sunflower Essence and Yes I Can Do It. The former is based on the connection with the radiant sun, heat, the creative energy of light, and the extraor- dinary power of fire. “Properly represented in the luminous yellow colour of the sunflower, the visual explosion and the independent lines of the black triangle are adequately per- forming the direct action of the confident energy in moving forward in life,” says the brand. Within Sunflower Essence, you will find Sun Backpack, Belt, Maxi Basket, Maxi Tube, Mini Bag, Mini Basket, Mini Sachet, Mini Zip, and Tote bags in black and raw canvas with original hand-painted healing sunflower art by Mauricio Ballesteros. They all have shiny gold hardware, yellow leatherette lining, Images courtesy of Untitled Barcelona