The Bite Magazine - Spring/Summer 2020 - Issue 27

bite designer Images courtesy of CAAFD / IMAXTREE / FRONTROW PRESS of luxurious fabric, eccentric embroideries, and gorgeous de- tails and trimmings. “The Temraza team builds up masterpiece dresses with fine material, precious embroideries, and outstand- ing quality while always maintaining a form of sophistication,” she told Fustany in an interview in 2016. “Temraza aims to be- come the first high-end international brand based in Egypt.” The Temraza woman is a beautiful culmination of someone sexy, classy, and glamorous, yet all the while remaining ele- gant and utterly feminine. She definitely knows how to make a bold statement as Temraza pieces are for one who knows ex- actly what she wants. Not timid or shy necessarily, but rather coquettish, daring, and strong looks drive Temraz’s collections of ready-to-wear and bespoke bridal and haute couture pieces. Each one is divinely unique and handcrafted. As mentioned, her previous collections all showcase this mas- tery, but none like her latest, La Lumiére de Roses (The Light of Roses), which was inspired by Darcey roses. The ‘La Lu- miére Darcey’ (The Darcey Light) SS20 collection consists of a 21-piece collection with a colour palette ranging from light rose and grey, to shimmering gold, silver, and a dazzling cerulean blue, that ends with bright white for the finale bridal looks. Each look lends itself to the next but somehow feels totally dis- tinguished. “The fabrics used are full of intricate details, sophis- ticated material, and precious embroidery. The French lace has been executed in a highly refined technique to match the inspi- ration of the collection and the conflict of portraying flowers in an edgy way.” Personally, I love looks 11, 14, 15, and 16 as they are so red carpet! I would die to wear look 11 and 14 as these form-fitting numbers would turn so many heads. Look 11 is a column floor-length sheath dress in glittering sil- ver that features insanely delicate fringing around the neck and bodice with fantastic matching fingerless gloves for the perfect accessory is something one could imagine wearing to the Os- cars. Number 14 gives me chills in the way Temraz has twist- ed this solid deep cerulean blue dress to feel like it’s actually entailed of several layers, with a short mini skirt under a long top that’s perfectly pulled and twisted at the waist and shoulder to create a beautifully draped gown reminiscent of something one would imagine that walked the halls of an ancient Egyptian palace. La Lumiére de Rose is just the latest in Temraz’s triumphs, as since her beginnings in 2012, she’s gained some serious noto- riety, not to mention a plethora of celebrity and high-end cli- entele. She’s also participated in several international fashion weeks and won several first-time awards for her country in the fashion industry. “Ms. Temraz is the first and youngest Egyptian designer to successfully participate in London Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week twice and the first Egyptian to win the First Place award among 15 International designers in Paris Fashion Week and ‘Best Female Couture Designer’ in New York Fashion Week.” I can only imagine that this list of amazing conquests will con- tinue to grow as she furthers her brand. As provided by Muata Ashby, an ancient Egyptian proverb states, “Be industrious, let thine eyes be open, lest you become a beggar, for the man that is idle cometh not to honour.” Temraza is located at 26 Bahgat Ali, Abu Al Feda, Zamalek, Cai- ro Governorate in Egypt.