The Bite Magazine - Autmn/Winter 2020 - Issue 28

bitebeauty Giedre Jackyte gets her legs waxed at Perfect Waxing in London’s Canary Wharf and speaks to founder Andreea about her beauty business. PERFECT WAXING BY ANDREEA I f you have ever thought that perfect waxing does not exist, think again. Beauty treatment brand PerfectWaxing has just opened its doors in One Canada Square, CanaryWharf for everyone who wishes to have the best waxing in town. Andreea, beautician, businesswoman, owner and the face behind the brand will give you the most luxurious, Harrods-like experience so that you could feel like a million-dollar woman! And let me tell you, I am talking from my own experience. We arranged an appointment for 10am on a Monday (what a great way to start the week!) Upon arrival, I was greeted by a lovely receptionist who escorted me to the lift taking me to the 37th floor where the beautiful Andreea was already waiting for me with a huge smile (I could notice that even with her mask on).We grab some delicious coffee while we chatted about the business and shared life stories. Andreea, the waxing guru, as I call her, is a qualified beautician with an accredited NVQ 3 certificate. She is highly skilled in female waxing (male waxing available as well) and will make sure there is no hair missed. She has developed her technique and uses hot wax (vegan waxing available if asked) providing desired results and as painless experience as possible. She specialises in pregnancy waxing and intimate waxing. For those who are ‘first-timers’ in intimate waxing, rest assured she is one of the most professional therapists in town. She wasn’t always working in a luxurious skyscraper in Canary Wharf as a waxing specialist. As a young woman, Andreea was a medical student back home in Romania, but decided to follow her partner and now husband to come to the United Kingdom.The decision she made 12 years ago determined her future as they started creating their new life here, in London. Andreea admits in the beginning, it wasn’t easy as she had to adapt to a new culture and ways of living in a new country. The beautician has always had an entrepreneurial mind and some previous business endeavours. However, deep down inside, she felt it was not her lifelong path and started looking for other opportunities. One day, she went to have a waxing herself and realised that she was not happy with the results. She then thought to herself that perhaps this is what the market needs - a well-trained beautician who cares about their customers and goes the extra mile to make sure that they get their desired results. After giving it some thought, she started her training, received a qualification and started working from home. Laughing, Andreea said,“I was so scared having my first client and thought I did not do a perfect job, but the customer came back.” She further added,“After all, maybe I did a great job as she became one of my loyal customers.” Shortly after, Andreea started working in a beauty salon and now has her own business. According to the therapist, any unwanted hair, anywhere on the body, can be removed by waxing (except the scalp). The salon takes pride in holding a selection of some of the world- leading wax brands and will select the brand and type of wax that will give you the best results for your goals depending on