The Bite Magazine - Autmn/Winter 2020 - Issue 28

Director’s Spotlight bitefilm Giedre Jackyte interviewed Patricia Chica, who shared her inspiring story from being a Hollywood director to a healer and everything in between. W ho could be better at telling lifelong stories and sharing insightful knowledge than a director who is a professional storyteller? Patricia Chi- ca, a revolutionary filmmaker, is quite literally taking the film industry to the next level and leading Holly- wood by example. She is making the first-ever feature-length movie entirely on Chi Energy. Yes, you heard it right. The Chi Energy method is going to play an immense role in creating a debut feature-length film Montreal Girls (2021), which is going to break many ceilings in the filmmaking industry. Patricia is a groundbreaking 60 times award winner. Besides her independent film work, the moviemaker has also directed and worked as a producer on world-class primetime broadcast content for networks such as National Geographic, Showcase, Bravo!, MTV, Oxygen, ARTV, CBC, CBS, UniMás, and El Rey Network. Patricia is also a member of the Directors Guild of Canada, Women In Film, and Film Fatales. The Canadian-Latino’s career is so versatile that a one-word definition would be an understatement of her lifelong achieve- ments. Apart from being a visionary director, she is also a tal- ented writer, producer, editor, acting coach, speaker, educator, and healer. She is a one-woman army who uses her career of over two decades to tell heart-rending, mountain-moving stories and has already created 50 hours of content - a perfect soul-feeding movie-night marathon during these unprece- dented times in 2020. Patricia has earned the title of metaphysical process pioneer within film practices and has been educating people from all over the world from Hollywood to the international film fes- tival circuits in Europe. Her teaching covers not only insights of filmmaking but also unlimited human potential. She gives practical tools to unleash the powers within by teaching stu- dents and colleagues the practices of chi energy. On 1st July (which happened to be Canadian National Day) just before the start of the pre-production of Montreal Girls, we interviewed the filmmaker in classic 2020 style - Zoom call. We gained insights into her impactful, inspirational, and authen- tic path to self-discovery, realisation, and dreams come true, which we are delighted to share with you. Patricia started a new chapter in her life at the very early age of seven when her parents left their war-torn homeland of El Sal- vador and settled in Montreal, Canada which at that time was accepting war refugees. She was raised in the French province and had to learn the language to adapt. Years later, as a young teenager, she studied filmmaking. She realised that the most horrific event in her life turned out to be the biggest blessing, as it allowed her to discover a new country, explore a new world, and get an education in filmmaking. The filmmaker realised she was always using and navigating energy as part of her daily life, however unconsciously. She shared with us that after one of her screenings an audience member asked if she was a reiki master. She did not even know