characteristics Georgia looks for and adores in models, and
that the one celebrity she would absolutely love to dress, is
the archetype of femininity, Audrey Hepburn, though she
wmuses “maybe in another lifetime.”
As would be expected of a fashion designer, Georgia admits,
“Fashion is a very hard business and I work day and night to
create to the best of my ability.” With some of her pieces
taking anywhere from three weeks to three months to curate,
and various fashion shoots and shows to prepare for, she is
accustomed to a lack of sleep and high tempo days. Despite
the chaos that is attached to her job, Georgia believes that,
“being able to wake up every morning knowing I am going to
something I love and adore” is the best recipe for motivation.
Having been in the industry for eight years, Georgia Nash is
more than qualified to advise
the younger generation of
fashion designers. To them she
stresses, “Believe in yourself
and intern as much as possible.
It is important to learn as much
as you can, especially from the
people around you.You have to
be strong in this competitive
industry.” With a glittering
résumé that boasts renowned
fashion houses, collections
that have been commended by
established fashion figures, and
her own fashion empire that, in
the future, looks set to reach
new heights of recognition,
Georgia’s pearls of wisdom are
to be embraced with open arms.
Womenswear: Georgia Nash
Accessories: Her Curious Nature
Hair & Make-Up: Serena Loos
(FaceAddict Hair Junkie)
Photographer: Salvo Di Gregorio
Stylist: Sharron Laidley
Assistant: LouiseAlexandra Morris
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