The Bite Magazine - Autumn/Winter 2022 - Issue 32

T he award-winning Carthy & Black Gin Cream Liqueur, which won the Gold and Silver at the Liqueur Masters and a Great Taste Award, is described as a taste of the unexpected. Its silky cream from Paynes Dairies in Boroughbridge is blended with Slingsby Gin to create a range of exquisite, velvety gin cream liqueurs that inspire curi- osity and delight. It can be served straight from the bottle, draped over ice or enjoyed in hot drinks.The cream liqueur is available in Original,Yorkshire Cream, Espresso, Rhubarb and Lemon. Original blend notes of subtle pink grapefruit citrus with a smooth vanilla finish, while the Yorkshire Cream combines chocolate and caramel notes with a touch of honey. Espresso has rich, percolated coffee notes which deliver a sweet caramel finish.Taste the sweet caramelised rhubarb notes that give a mouth-wateringly tart finish to the Rhubarb.The Lemon mixes sweet caramelised lemon notes with a delicious biscuit-like finish, making it like a dessert in a glass. You can create a selection of cocktails with the Original Gin Cream to impress your friends and family during the upcoming festive season. Tipsy Gingerbread Man contains 50 ml of gin cream, 15 ml of Kings Ginger, 20 ml of double cream, one egg white and 10 ml of sugar syrup. Shake the ingredients without ice for 30 seconds, then add ice and shake until chilled. Strain into a coupe glass and garnish with some gingerbread men. Tiramisu Straight Up is made with 50 ml Original Gin Cream, 10 ml chocolate sauce, 15 ml Kahlúa liqueur, 10 ml double cream and 10 ml semi-skimmed milk. Add the chocolate sauce to the bottom of a martini glass to make this cocktail. Shake the Kahlúa and Orig- inal Gin Cream and layer it on top. Shake the cream and milk until slightly thick and relayer it on top. Garnish with grated chocolate and lady fingers and serve to your guests or enjoy it alone. The Christmasy Merry Cherry consists of 50 ml of gin cream with 20 ml Maraschino Liqueur and 75 ml double cream mixed with melted chocolate.You should melt down five squares of dark chocolate and mix them with 200 ml double cream. Use choco- late sauce and freeze-dried raspberries for the rim. First, prepare your martini glass by dipping it into the chocolate sauce, then freeze-dried raspberries to decorate the edge. Add the gin cream, Maraschino Liqueur, double cream and chocolate mix to a cocktail shaker. Finally, shake with ice, then strain into the glass and enjoy. Get chocking with Hot Chockin’ Orange made with 50 ml Original Gin Cream, 25 ml Cointreau and hot chocolate. Mix the ingredients and garnish with whipped cream and Terry’s Chocolate Orange segments.Thankfully, not the literal Twig & Berries , this cocktail consists of 50 ml Carthy & Black Rhubarb Gin Cream, 15 ml Frangelico Liqueur, 25 ml cranberry juice, 10 ml sugar syrup and 15 ml grenadine. Shake and strain the ingredients over ice in a rocks glass and garnish with frozen cranberries. Carthy & Black Gin Cream Liqueurs are available from Master of Malt, Arrow Fresh, Amazon, Spirit of Harrogate and other leading online alcoholic retailers. CHRISTMAS COCKTAILS bitedrinks Carthy & Black Gin Images courtesy of Hatch PR