The Bite Magazine - Autumn/Winter 2022 - Issue 32

Suéltame (Let Me Go) bitemusicceleb Chri Agu C hristina Aguilera’s four-octave voice range and the ability to sus- tain high notes have cemented her as one of the most potent and in- fluential singers on the planet, awarding her the title ‘voice of a generation’. It’s hard to pinpoint her exact vocal type since she sometimes sounds like a mezzo or an alto with a lyric soprano that rivals a coloratura soprano. Mezzo-soprano can typically sing ranges of G3 to A5, but Aguilera reaches much further on the lower and higher ends. One of her most vital traits is the ability to switch between head and full voice. She knows how to work a song, whether a ballad or uptempo, pro- ducing a vulnerable sound with plenty of breath one moment and then a spine-tingling mezzo belt the next. Christina can shift effortlessly from a head voice to a mid-range belt before returning to the head voice and a low mezzo. She also has a growl she described as “an angsty thing - you’ve got to get your Fighter on” in James Corden’s Car- pool Karaoke.