The Bite Magazine - Spring/Summer 2022 - Issue 31

The Power of Water Beauty Editor Giovanna Zac explores the new hydrating range from leading American skincare Monat and reveals the importance of water, especially during the summer season. bitebeauty S ummer is here again, bringing warmer weather and holiday vibes. The sunshine and its heat on our skin have uplifting and stimulating energy that we often forget the risk of sunburn or dehydration. This happens when the sun and other factors take our most essential element, water, from our bodies. We lose more fluid than we intake mainly through sweat, especially when living in scorching cli- mates or doing physical activities and diet. There are recognisable signs highlighting de- hydration, such as headaches, fatigue, lack of concentration, cramps, muscle weakness, and constipation. The skin feels dry, tight, rough and flaky and becomes red and more sensi- tive to the touch. Applying make-up is more difficult because the dehydrated skin absorbs the water present in the foundation, causing cracks and an uneven blend. Our body com- prises approximately 70% of water: our organs maintain their fluids, such as the brain with 75%, bones with 22%, and muscles with 75%— this is why it is vital to keep hydrated. Factors such as stress, diabetes, hormones, di- ets, and medications can lower the body's wa- ter levels to keep working to remain healthy. So, how much water should we be drinking, and what are the alternatives? According to general health guidelines, a minimum of eight glasses of water per day is around a two-litre bottle. I often find keeping count of the glasses is unrealistic, but knowing that fluids can be considered water makes my life easier. Tea or coffee, fruit juices, milk, vegetables and fruits also contribute to water intake. Diuretic food and drinks, such as alcohol, make us lose excessive fluid than we intake. The moral of the story is that water is priceless in keeping the body, mind and skin healthy on the inside. We must try to maintain a good, balanced diet and protect our skin from the damaging effects of free radicals, such as pol- lution, chemicals and excessive sun exposure, which can cause ageing, dry skin and collagen decline. Fortunately, many products are avail- able to keep our skin healthier and younger in the beauty industry. One of my favourite brands, Monat has helped me enormously with my general body and mind wellbeing. This worldwide brand is re- nowned for its cutting-edging hair and skin- care products. Monat is a naturally based, anti-ageing and beauty brand, launched in the USA in 2014 with a mission to help peo- ple worldwide to enjoy beautiful, healthy and fulfilling lives through exceptional, naturally based products. It also offers a fun and reward- ing business opportunity and a family, service, and gratitude culture. Its innovative products include supplements, hair and body products, and styling. At the base of its excellent skin care is Reju- veniqe Oil, a blend of over 13 oils specially formulated to improve skin from ageing, with hydration, nourishment and healthy, vegan ingredients. Among its vast range of skincare, my favourite is the HYDRATION BOOSTER. This highly hydrating serum is a soothing and refreshing serum for the skin, and its gel-like texture is rich in vitamins, marine algae and fruit extracts. The dense and full-bodied serum leaves the skin plumped and replenished with Monat's unique concentrated pure Hyaluronic and Pol- yglutamic acids. Using the glass pipette, three to four drops are enough for the face and neck. Day and night, when applied to cleansed skin, it works like magic on the skin, leaving an im- mediate relief from dryness and tired skin. Its best companion is BE GENTLE NOURISH- ING MOISTURISER; this nourishing mois- turiser is gentle and powerful on the skin with everything it needs for protection and regen- eration. MONAT