The Bite Magazine - Autumn/Winter 2021 - Issue 30

bitebeauty small amount, like a five-piece coin, goes a long way. Once warmed up, by rubbing it gently into the palms, the cream has a very pleasant gel-like-watery feel to it that glides on the body skin leaving an immediate glow and a lovely sense of fresh, calming and soothing effect. My skin was wrapped in a gentle protective layer and looked firmer and more even all over the body. I also felt a gentle tingle all over, and that was the best part because I can see that the active ingredients are working. These signs prove the high-quality ingredients and how important it is to use natural products. I am in love with the generous jar size, as I cannot get enough of this fabulous cream, and I know, this is the one to cherish and highly recom- mend. YOUTHFUL EYES Eye Cream This organic, anti-wrinkle eye cream is a real treat for this delicate area where lines and wrinkles appear first. Together with tired eyes, dark circles and puffiness, these factors can add extra ageing to the face. It takes a little bit of TLC to bring back a youthful look to your eyes, and this cream is one of the best on the market for that. The Youthful Eye Cream is infused with Chamomile Essential Oil to calm and refresh the skin; Bilberry Extract for blood circulation; Kakadu Plum which is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants from Kiwi and Organic Cucumber extracts to firm and tighten the skin. The benefits are fantastic. First, there is the freshness of Cu- cumber that gives immediate relief to tired eyes. The gel-like texture absorbed into the skin without being greasy, keeps the skin smooth and alleviates lines and wrinkles. It works well on reducing dark circles and puffiness, leaving the eyes looking younger, hydrated and brighter. I love, in particular, how it gives a sense of firming upon application and it’s a joy to see the skin firmer and less sagging. I recommend this necessary Youthful Eyes for anyone looking for a younger self. The cream is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. ORGANIC HAIR MASK This Organic Hair Mask is a 10-minute professional and luxu- rious hair treatment at home. The mask is infused with an ar- ray of botanical oils that perfectly conditions the hair and scalp while eliminating dryness, thus reducing frizzy and rebellious hair. Calming and soothing on the scalp, it helps to eliminate dandruff, itchiness and oiliness. The best way to use the mask is on washed, towel-dry hair. Following the instructions, I spread the cream throughout the sectioned hair by massaging it from the root to the ends and then running my fingers throughout the length to spread it well. I then covered my head with a tow- el and let this wonderful mask work its magic for 10 minutes, before rinsing off with lukewarm water. There is no need to shampoo as the mask leaves no greasy resi- due on the hair. The results are, as expected, brilliant. The scalp felt nourished and hydrated, while the hair gained life and radi- ance. It’s easier to handle, with no frizzy or entangled problems. Using the mask regularly has reduced my split ends to promote healthier, stronger hair. I love the combination of Hair Mask